What is The Joker’s Child?

The Joker’s Child is your one stop shop for anything and everything comics.

Who We Are

With so many comic shops closing down, collectors are feeling abandoned. Sure, there are all sorts of digital options, big box giants, and corporate chains, but for many, nothing beats the experience. You know, walking into an old-fashioned comic shop, chatting with like-minded individuals, picking up your favorite books, and looking forward to your next visit. Fear not, dear friends. The joker’s Child is that very store you seek, and we plan on being the “Last Comic Book Store on Earth”!

The Joker’s Child has been an industry leader since 1988, and continues to thrive as a quality service provider for all your collecting, reading, and general geeking around needs. We carry a huge array of comic books, graphic novels, toys, statues, supplies, and so much more. Our walls are literally covered with product from floor to ceiling. Add the 20+ years of service we have under our belts, and you’re looking at an unbeatable place to go for all things comics.

What We Do

The Joker’s Child offers the best selection of current & back issues from all major and independent comic publishers. In addition to selling, we also occasionally buy (by appointment) collections of comics, toys, and anything else we may need at the time. In addition to comics, we have an astronomical selection of magazines, trading & gaming cards, manga, statues, action figures, models, toys and collectibles, and that’s just what you see on the sales floor. In our back room there are thousands more back issues, and our warehouse plays host to a veritable cornucopia of comics and toys we simply can’t fit within our walls. Needless to say, if you’re looking for something you can’t find in our store, never be afraid to ask one of our friendly associates for help. We may have just what you need. If we don’t, we’ll do our best to find it.

Another thing that makes us special is Joker Money. A series of complex algorithms is applied to your transactions by our trained professionals, and you can earn certificates that are good for your next purchase.* They only expire if we do, and the only rule is that you can’t use them the day you get them.

Finally, as an added bonus to our customers, you’ll never miss an issue with our computerized Comic Reserve Service. Just give us your list (minimum of 5 titles) and we’ll take care of the rest.

We buy and sell everything, and as a result our inventory is always changing. Stop by today and let us help with your collection!

*Some restrictions apply. See associate for details.

Contacting Us

You have questions, we have answers. Contacting us is very easy. We’re available for phone calls during regular business hours at (201) 794-6830, or you can send us an email here. You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter by clicking the brightly colored links at the top of this page. We do regular updates on our social networking sites, including conversations about comics, your opinions on what’s coming soon, and even the occasional promotion. Join our community today! Feedback is always welcome.


We here at The Joker’s Child are always on the lookout for talented individuals. If you have an eye for meticulous organization, a firm grip on the intricacies of the alphabet, and a passion for the occasional heavy lifting, this may be the job for you. Some comic book knowledge/interest is a must! Sound like fun? Download our handy-dandy application!

The Legend of The Joker’s Child

The Joker's Child, in the beginning...

“In the beginning there were comics, just comics, and it was good. The people wanted more, and behold: The Joker’s Child was born!”

As the story goes, on a dark and stormy night in 1988, geniuses and all around interesting people Caren and Len Katz had an idea. Tired of their lives as freelance assassins and nuclear physicists, they decided that northern New Jersey was in need of something. There was a void, and it needed to be filled for the good of humanity. Several attempts to fill said void were made. The cupcake/shoe store didn’t go over well and the museum dedicated to the history of cement just couldn’t seem to find an audience. Finally, after exhausting so many other options, one of them uttered a phrase that would change the world forever.

“Heck with it. Let’s open a comic book store.”

And so it was. Shortly after, the skies parted and a shining light bore down upon the town of Fair Lawn. A single strike of lightning, several thousand hours of painstaking organizing, and many, many sandwiches later, The Joker’s Child was born. It didn’t take long for the store to outgrow it’s first retail space though, (kids grow up so fast) and being the nurturing parents they were, Caren and Len began searching the globe in hopes of discovering a new home for their blossoming comic book store. They eventually decided on a nice place down the street. Legend has it they went in with battle axes to claim the space for their own. The ensuing crusade was said to have lots of action and special effects. Others tell of our heroes simply signing a lease. We’ll let YOU decide which one is true…

A team of ruffians and scallywags with exotic names like Alex and John were assembled to staff the store. They would dispense a seemingly endless flow of comics, statues, toys, and just about anything anybody who walked through the doors could want. (Ask about our fine collection of Pogs!) As the years went on, The Joker’s Child grew into the monument of awesomeness it is today.

The Joker's Child, as it is today.

What of the future, you may ask? Will they be forcefully overthrown by Doctor Doom? Will they be crushed by one of New Jersey’s many Godzilla attacks? You’ll have to visit the store to find out…