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Mother Panic has discovered a Gotham City transformed. What happened to her family and friends? Who moved into Gather House, the religious school that scarred Mother Panic as a young girl? It’s Father Bruce, the orphan millionaire who decided to give back to society by filling the deep demand for sidekicks. So many Robins in need of a nest! DC and Young Animal’s “Milk Wars” continues Mother Panic/Batman Special #1!
Tom King and Jason Fabok pay tribute to the legendary creators of Swamp Thing as they join forces for an earth-shattering Swamp Thing passion project! Swamp Thing Winter Special #1 is a squarebound one-shot where Swamp Thing is out of his element as he shepherds a lost boy through a blinding blizzard and other hazards of a strange, frozen tundra. In addition, this special features the final Swamp Thing story from the monster’s co-creator, Len Wein. Originally intended as the start of a new series, it is presented here both in its original script form and with art by Kelley Jones.
It’s hard being a monster, and even harder being a monster in love. Sparks will fly and hearts will be broken when the ghouls and ghosts of the DC Universe assemble to bring you the Valentine’s Day Special that no one saw coming! Don’t miss Young Monsters in Love #1!
An unassuming dating app turns dangerous for Earth’s Green Lanterns, as heroes looking for love begin to disappear around the world. Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz discover an interplanetary superhuman trafficking network preying on super-powered seekers of love and romance, but with their hearts and heads on the line, these Green Lanterns may need more than willpower to win this fight. “Inhuman Trafficking” begins in Green Lanterns #40!

After a black writer is found dead at a scandalous interracial party in 1920s New York, Harlem’s cub reporter Zane Pinchback is the only one determined to solve the murder. Zane must go “incognegro” for the first time-using his light appearance to pass as a white man-to find the true killer, in this prequel miniseries to the critically acclaimed Vertigo graphic novel now published by Dark Horse! A page-turning thriller of racial divide, Incognegro: Renaissance #1 explores segregation, secrets, and self-image as our race-bending protagonist penetrates a world where he feels stranger than ever before.

Wicked + The Divine 1923 is the new one-shot from Image Comics! A bunch of 1920s gods based on major modernist figures stuck in the middle of an Agatha Christie murder mystery, done in a comics-prose hybrid. It’s high art versus lo art, with the most beautiful Aud Koch artwork!
Critically acclaimed writer Alex de Campi teams up with some of comics’ hottest artists to create tales of love gone wrong, right, and everywhere in between with Twisted Romance #1! In New York City in 1978, there are thousands of ways for people to get together. There’s only one agency dedicated to tearing them apart: Heartbreak Incorporated. Who is the handsome seducer who runs the agency, and what is the secret he’s hiding?

Adam Warlock is back in the Marvel Universe! Reborn from the realm of the dead, Adam has come seeking the Soul Stone, and the truth about what it did to Him! His guide through this Infinity Quest is none other than…Kang the Conqueror! Be there as Adam begins down the dark trail sure to lead him into the heart of the mystery of the Infinity Stones in Infinity Countdown Adam Warlock #1!
Speaking of triumphant returns…Jean Grey is also back! Returned to a world she doesn’t recognize, the First Lady of the X-Men gathers an unlikely team, Nightcrawler, Namor and Laura Kinney, to face an evil that threatens to tear down Xavier’s dream by any means necessary! “The Hate Machine” starts in X-Men Red #1!
The fantastic technology of Wakanda comes to Dubai when the villainous Klaw launches a plot to extort billions from the citizens of the city. T’Challa’s diplomatic mission becomes a search and rescue for the Black Panther. Black Panther Sound and Fury #1 puts Black Panther on a mission that will test his prowess against his long-standing nemesis!
Cured of the metabolic disorder affecting the symbiote’s mental state, Venom is back to acting like his old Lethally Protecting self. Battling your way through New York City doesn’t go unpunished, and Eddie and the symbiote are about to discover that the hard way…when the wall-crawling super-sleuth Spider-Woman kicks in their door! Webs get tangled in Venom #161!

Now the Spotlight of the Week!

War has become a spectator sport. Privately funded armies of superstar soldiers march into battle for fame, profit, and the glory of their sponsor nations.
When a new generation of soldiers arrive, top gladiator Satta Flynn is about to discover how fleeting the limelight can be. From writer Ivan Brandon and superstar artist Esad Ribic in his creator-owned Image debut, VS #1 delivers spectacular action, darkly humorous satire, and explores our hunger for fame and our penchant for self-destruction.

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