This is the Monday Update!


The events of Dark Nights: Metal are still shaking up the DC Universe.  The next creature of the Dark Multiverse is ready to invade our world!  The nightmare version of Cyborg arrives in Batman The Murder Machine #1!
Legendary writer James Robinson comes on board to answer one of the biggest questions of the year: Who is Wonder Woman’s brother?  Taken away from Themyscira in the dead of night, the mysterious Jason has been hidden somewhere far from the sight of gods and men, but his life and Wonder Woman’s are about to intersect in a terrifying way, bringing them face to face with a cosmic threat they never imagined!  “Children of the Gods” begins in Wonder Woman #31!
Special guest artist Felipe Watanabe joins the fray to tell the two-part story of how Ray Palmer, the original Atom, first discovered the microverse!  Witness this untold chapter in the DC Universe Rebirth mythology, and learn how Palmer came to find himself betrayed and marooned within the dying microverse! “Crisis in the Microverse” continues in Justice League of America #15!
It’s the story you’ve demanded: Where in the world (or otherwise) is Tim Drake?  Red Robin faces a crossroads…escape the most devious prison ever devised, or find himself abandoned beyond time and space for all eternity!  Not much of a choice, right?  When he finds out just who is locked in there with him, Tim’s world will change in ways he never imagined!  This is one of the biggest stories of the Rebirth era, setting the stage for an explosive Detective Comics epic!  “A Lonely Place of Living” starts in Detective Comics #965!


Micronauts First Strike #1 is the next tie-in to IDW’s big event!  Rom, remaining on Earth as the events of First Strike take place, finds himself in a most unusual team-up… with Earth’s smallest heroes, The Micronauts!  Together, these two forces must prevent a catastrophe on Earth even while Cybertron descends into chaos!
The Infinite Loop is back with a new self-contained story!  Infinite Loop Nothing but the Truth #1 is a perfect jumping-on point for new readers!  Twin Peaks-creepiness collides with Orwell’s 1984-dystopian madness in this sci-fi mini series, as Teddy is sent back in time to a little town where people are addicted to lies.
Huey, Dewey, and Louie are back in Ducktales #1!  In “The Great Experiment of the Washing Machine,” Donald and the Nephews visit a top-secret lab, chock-full of crazy inventions to make life easier… but might make them shorter, instead!  Then, learn “The Chilling Secret of the Lighthouse!”


Rat Queens Special: Orc Dave #1 is a new one-shot from Image Comics!   Long before Palisade and the Four Daves, Orc Dave enjoyed a secluded life with his father in the mystical Green Wilds.  There are vile, evil monsters that stalk their land, but something worse has just arrived: the Rat Queens!


Infamous Iron Man #12 arrives with the epic climax to one of the most critically acclaimed stories of the year!  With enemies on all sides, how can Victor Von Doom continue to carry on the legacy of Iron Man…especially when the legacy of Doctor Doom still haunts him at every turn?  Don’t miss this very special issue, as its events will have massive repercussions for the rest of the Marvel Universe!
Generations Captain Americas #1 puts the Captains back together again.  They were part of the Greatest Generation!  Now Sam Wilson finds himself alongside them yet again in a strange yet familiar setting – fighting shoulder-to-shoulder with Captain America and Bucky against a seemingly unstoppable threat to the safety of the world!
When it comes to problems, Peter Parker’s got it all: Bullies at school, ailing aunt, a doppelganger, crushing responsibility, and…wait, a doppelganger?!  Can’t Peter ever catch a break?  What does all this craziness have to do with Miles Morales?  Find out in Generations Morales & Parker Spider-Man #1!
It’s Cable vs. Conquest in a battle for time itself!  The tables have turned, and with Cable’s shocking reveal last issue, Conquest’s lust for power turns desperate!  Is that enough to stop his plans once and for all…or has time already run out?  The showdown you’ve been waiting for is here in Cable #5!
T’Challa finds himself in an uneasy alliance with Ayo and Aneka, the Midnight Angels, when a new deity rises to claim Wakanda for its own.  Making matters worse, an enemy from Black Panther’s past has resurfaced with ill intentions.  It seems Black Panther has one choice – bend the knee, or watch his country burn.  The King makes his decision in Black Panther #18!


Now the Spotlight of the Week!


It begins at the dawn of the human race, and ends with a child’s prayer!  In between, empires fall, mysteries brew, secrets are revealed, quests are undertaken and legends are forged!  All leading up to the dramatic return you’ve been waiting for, and one you’ve been dreading!  Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic usher in a new dawn – one whose rays will touch every corner of the Marvel Universe in the days to come!  Marvel Legacy #1 is everything you’ve been longing for and more!


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