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This is the Monday Update!

After a chance meeting with billionaire Bruce Wayne, Elmer Fudd’s obsession quickly escalates into stalking Batman through the dark alleys and high-class social settings of Gotham City!  Welcome to Bat Season!  Batman Elmer Fudd #1 includes a bonus Looney Tunes backup story featuring DC characters written by Tom King and artwork by Byron Vaughns!
When miner Yosemite Sam strikes it rich, word gets out as everyone comes gunning for his wealth!  To protect himself and his new riches, he hires bounty hunter Jonah Hex, but the man protecting him may be his worst nightmare!  Don’t miss all the gunslinging fun in Jonah Hex Yosemite Sam #1!
Writer Greg Rucka weaves together the threads of “The Lies,” “Year One,” “The Truth,” and “Godwatch”-every story in Wonder Woman since the start of the DC Universe Rebirth era-in this extra-sized anniversary issue of Wonder Woman #25!
When Eobard Thawne murdered Barry Allen’s mother, he killed a piece of The Flash’s past.  Now, Reverse-Flash is back to kill Barry’s future!  The Flash’s biggest storyline yet begins as he is pushed to his limits ,and his secrets are laid bare , in a chase through time itself!  “Running Scared” begins in Flash #25!

Marcus King: modern-day Robin Hood or terrorist?  Maybe both?  When Marcus comes face to face with an adversary who knows all of his carefully buried truths, he’s forced to become the man he has always pretended to be.  Punch a small army of dudes! Blow up stuff! Lots of stuff!  Dark Horse Comics new series Bankshot #1 is written by Eisner Nominee Alex de Campi!

When the mysterious Mr. Boddy turns up dead at his own dinner party, everyone’s a suspect!  Miss Scarlett, Colonel Mustard, Mrs. Peacock, Professor Plum-all the familiar faces from the famous board game are back, with a couple of  new twists.  Will Boddy’s Body be the last to fall, or is it just the beginning?  Follow the clues and solve the mystery in IDW’s Clue #1!
Robert E. Howard’s legendary barbarian king returns in Kull Eternal #1!  The evil Serpent Men have attempted to infiltrate and enslave mankind from the time of the very first humans… only to be defeated at every turn by the Elder Race’s ultimate warrior… Kull of Atlantis!

The whole Marvel universe thought they were safe!  They thought they could handle anything that was thrown against them!  The united heroes of the MU never reckoned on the dreaded power that Steve Rogers would unleash!  The Secret Empire will amaze you in Secret Empire #5!

It’s time for the Secret Empire Breakdown!
•Occupy Avengers #8- With Hawkeye pulled into the fray of Secret Empire, the rest of the team finds themselves without a leader on their most important mission to date, forcing Tilda to take charge.
•Mighty Captain Marvel #6- Captain Marvel and her crew are up against the ropes as the full force of the Chitauri fleet bears down on Alpha Flight Space Station.  Can Carol find a way to inspire her ranks – including the battalion of young cadets – to rise to the challenge of protecting the planet?
•Amazing Spider-Man #29- As revealed in ASM #25, Otto Octavius is back as The Superior Octopus!  Ock has a mission to take down the company that he helped create: Parker Industries!  Does Spider-Man stand a chance?
•All-New Guardians of the Galaxy Annual #1- The Chitauri invasion has arrived, and Captain Marvel and Earth’s heroes are outnumbered.  Now it’s up to the Guardians of the Galaxy to find reinforcements!  There may be a weapon that could turn the tide of the battle, but in order to obtain it, the Guardians will have to rely on the help of the last alien Star-Lord ever wanted to see again…Yondu Udonta!

Star Wars Droids #1 Contains three stories featuring everyone’s favorite droids!  What adventures did the probe droids in The Phantom Menace get into when Darth Maul wasn’t looking?  Luke’s got a mission for R2-D2, but can the astromech complete it in time?  All BB-8 wants is to help…two Resistance soldiers fall in love!

Now the Spotlight of the Week!

Edge of Venomverse #1 from Marvel sets up the epic Venom event of 2017!  Each issue introduces another major Venomized character that will feed into Venomverse itself!  This issue, the young mutant clone designated X-23 collides with a cryogenic tube containing a strange alien symbiote during her frenzied escape from The Facility.  Bonding with the alien enhances her already considerable abilities, and aids in her escape, but it begins to alter her mind!  On the run from the very people that made her, can X-23 hold it together or is she doomed to give in to Venom?

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