This is the Monday Update!

From the pages of DC’s Aquaman comes a brand-new adventure with Mera Queen of Atlantis #1! As the brutal Atlantean Civil War rages, Mera must keep the peace between the surface world and Atlantis as its newly anointed queen in exile. When Aquaman’s brother Orm, a.k.a. Ocean Master, learns of his homeland’s fate, he’ll stop at nothing to return to Atlantis as its king and savior!
As RetCo’s foundation shatters, the Young Animal teams come together with the Justice League and even more DC Universe heroes to finish the job. The only problem is, Milkman Man and RetCo still stand in their way. To right reality, the heroes of Young Animal and the DC Universe will have to unlock an outrageous power never before seen on any world!
Doom Patrol/ JLA Special #1 brings a mind-blowing conclusion that will establish new realities for all of the DC’s Young Animal titles!
In a 30-page anniversary story, Batwoman faces scrutiny from Batman and Red Robin but stands up for her actions. Will Batman allow her to continue bearing his symbol after everything she has done? “The Trial of Batwoman” starts in Detective Comics #975!
The Flash has lost what he prizes most of all and must call in an old ally to protect Central City while he sets out to get it back…Wally West! With a new Flash protecting his city, will Barry be willing to cross lines he never crossed before? “Perfect Storm” continues in The Flash #41!

Doctor Star and the Kingdom of Lost Tomorrows #1 is dual-narrative story set in the world of Dark Horse Comic’s Eisner-Award winning Black Hammer series! An aged crime fighter desperately wants to reconnect with his estranged son, who he hoped would one day take the mantle of Doctor Star. Over the course of the story we learn his World War II-era origin, how he got his powers, his exciting astral adventures, the formation of some of Black Hammer’s greatest heroes, and more in this heartbreaking superhero tale about fathers and sons.
Buffy’s Rupert Giles returns to high school! This time-as a grown man living in a teenage body-Giles will be a student instead of a teacher. At an inner-city LA-area school, when a mystical influence is detected and teachers start to go missing, Giles enrolls to investigate. What he finds is more than vampires and demons; something unusual and frightening is happening here. If Giles can get through one day as a student, he’ll have a chance to find out who, what, and where, but high school is still hell, y’all. From Joss Whedon and Erika Alexander comes Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 11 Giles #1!

The greatest American heroes go face-to-face with the most dangerous living weapon… Steve Austin! Hacked by COBRA, the Six Million Dollar Man has the G.I. JOEs in his bionic targets as the fate of world peace hangs by a thread and Cobra Commander holds the world’s infrastructure in his venomous clutches! A cross-company crossover like no other, where 80’s nostalgia meets modern-day mayhem! IDW and Dynamite bring us G.I. Joe Vs. The Six Million Dollar Man #1!
Rick Veitch’s ground-breaking series has been called the last word on superheroes. It is a world-spanning, continent-crushing, over-the-top adventure story that brings the United States and Russia to the brink of annihilation… from both nuclear warheads and crazed superheroes-run-amok! Completely remastered with new scans and updated color, all overseen by Veitch himself, The One #1 presents a shocking worldview that almost predicted today’s political climate!

The creator of Elephantmen and the creator of The A-Men join forces to bring you the story of Meat Men! Chuck is a mild-mannered meat factory worker who is a little in love with a strawberry picker named Mary Lynn. Everything changes when Mary Lynn falls victim to the Vodino Brothers. Don’t miss The Beef #1 from Image Comics!

KISS is on top of the world and rocking faces until the night disciples of The Destroyer show up and the band disappears. With the tour cancelled, a young Ash misses one of the most important events of his life that will change his destiny. Now the Chosen One has to get back on the right path. Join Dynamite for KISS Army of Darkness #1!

It’s 1906 and Theodore Roosevelt is the sitting president when a familiar face from his past asks him once again to call upon the Rough Riders to save the world. This time it’s not anarchists or aliens-no, it’s something from the great beyond. Something so ancient and inherently evil that the Rough Riders will need to add to their ranks in hopes of defeating it. Who will be the newest historical figure to have the honor to call themselves a Rough Rider? Volume Three of the hit AfterShock Series is the perfect jumping-on point! Rough Riders Ride or Die #1 hits our shelves!

At long last, the dog has his day! Marvel’s favorite pup gets his on series starting in Lockjaw #1! Lockjaw spends most of his time defending the Inhuman empire alongside Black Bolt and Medusa. When he gets a message that his long-lost litter mates are in danger, he’ll spring into action to save them! But wait – Lockjaw has brothers and sisters? Can they teleport? Are they Inhuman? Can they possibly be as gosh-darned cute as their big brother? Get ready for an adventure worth fetching for!
For weeks, the Tinkerer has been launching a campaign against his do-gooder brother, the Mason, and Spidey’s nearly met his maker more than once trying to stop their sibling rivalry! With a little help from a tech-heavy team of Marvel heroes, Spider-Man takes the fight directly to Tinkerer! Tinkerer’s got tech of his own…and it’s out of this world! Don’t miss the oversized anniversary epic with Peter Parker Spectacular Spider-Man #300!
One Avenger will gamble everything to save thousands, and the odds aren’t in his favor! The Challenger reveals his ace in the hole, and Jarvis awakens from a mysterious coma long enough to cry four chilling words: “It’s all a lie!” No Surrender battles on in Avengers #682!
Celebrity psychologist Hannah Jones has been sucked into Legion’s bizarre mind-world! What strange alternative personalities, painful memory spores and mind-bending paranoia storms will she encounter? Will Hannah be able to heal the fractured mind of her patient, and keep her own life and sanity intact?! Everyone will suffer trauma in Legion #2!

Now the Spotlight of the Week!

Bound together by fate, united by the spirit of exploration and hope for tomorrow, the Terrifics are bound from the Dark Multiverse of Metal! When Mr. Terrific, Metamorpho, Plastic Man and Phantom Girl find themselves literally bound together by a tragic accident, our team of unlikely allies must rely on one another to make their way back home. A startling revelation on their return trip brings them face to face with a new mystery: Where in the universe is Tom Strong? Jeff Lemire is back at DC with The Terrifics #1!

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