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This is the Monday Update !

DC House of Horror #1 is an all-new, all-creepy one-shot set in the DC Universe-just in time for Halloween!  Martha Kent fights for her life against a creature from a spacecraft that lands in front of her farmhouse.  A young woman is possessed by the spirit of a murderous Amazon warrior.  The last surviving member of the Justice League faces down a horror beyond imagining.  All these and more are what happens when the most exciting new voices in contemporary horror fiction are paired with the talents of some of the greatest artists in the DC firmament!
The next Dark Nights: Metal one-shot arrives with a nightmare version of Wonder Woman in Batman The Merciless #1! How can even the World’s Greatest Heroes stop a horde of deadly beings that appear to be familiar figures?
In the Golden Age of television, Ruff and Reddy were on top of the entertainment world…until the world turned, and they were forgotten.  Now, Ruff is a washed-up television actor.  Reddy is a clerk in an upscale grocery store.  Can a hungry young agent convince the two one-time partners to make a comeback, and convince the world that it wants to see the famously infamous dog-and-cat comedy team back in the spotlight?  From Writer Howard Chaykin comes The Ruff and Reddy Show #1!
John has almost figured out who-or what-killed the clerk in such a gruesome fashion, but he’s got no idea how to stop their rampage.  Now that the villains are literally making his dreams come true, will he have to learn to live with even more regrets?  “The Spirit Hunter” concludes in Hellblazer #15!

On a routine house call to dispose of a simple Class III spook, Abby, Patty, Erin, and Holtzmann encounter a truly terrifying Class VII that appears to be feeding on fear.  Able to create illusions that prey on their greatest fears, and with designs on turning the world into its own nightmare dimension our ladies may have finally met their match!  Ghostbusters Answer the Call #1 from IDW is a perfect jumping on point for Ghostbuster fans both old and new!
When Mia and Ginny go to stay at their Grandma’s mothball-filled house for the summer, boredom forces them to venture out into her tiny town.  What they find in a dusty used bookstore launches them into an upside-down world of terror!  Goosebumps Monsters at Midnight #1 is the first part of a new series of Goosebumps stories in three parts!

Cassie Hack has been living off the grid, but when a new monstrous threat arises to torment promiscuous teens, it’s time for Cassie to pick up the baseball bat once again!  The fan-favorite title returns with hot new writer, Tini Howard!  Gory, sexy, twisted, and funny…Hack is back in Hack/Slash Resurrection #1 from Image!

As Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers has traveled to almost every inch of the planet, and beyond!  Now she’s heading to somewhere uncharted, where there’s no familiar face to be seen except for…her own!  Join Carol on her new cosmic journey through the past and future as Captain Marvel takes flight in an adventure you won’t want to miss.  The earth-shattering secrets of her Dark Origin are finally revealed, and the Marvel Universe will be forever changed in Captain Marvel #125!
Black Panther’s greatest foe has returned – Ulysses Klaw is back and ready for war!  Can T’Challa defeat the man who killed his father all while his country struggles to its feet?  As war looms, Wakanda’s gods have disappeared.  Enter the Originators!  The former gods are back, but what are their intentions for a land that has forgotten them?  “Klaw Stands Supreme” begins in Black Panther #166!
When tragedy strikes the kingdom of Asgard, The Mighty Thor soars into action!  Wielding the thundering hammer Mjolnir, Thor sets off for the land where the Frost Giants dwell-frozen Nifleheim-in a matter of life and death for Asgard.  If Ymir has his way, the only thing awaiting Thor will be a frozen grave!  Don’t miss this all-new tale featuring the original God of Thunder in Thor Where Walk the Frost Giants #1!
The Phoenix is coming and in its wake – death and destruction!  Destined to become the Earth’s host for the fiery entity, Jean is still not prepared for its arrival and the ensuing battle to come.  Her only hope, a former host who can prepare and train her telepathic powers, but what cost is Jean willing to pay when Emma Frost, The White Queen, becomes her only salvation and the last line of defense from the world burning?  Psych War starts in Jean Grey #8!

Now the Spotlight of the Week!

When he learns the real reason behind President Kennedy’s assassination, Mulder also discovers his father was involved in the conspiracy.  This revelation forces him to decide between the two things he holds most sacred: his family and the truth.  It’s bombshell after bombshell in The X-Files: JFK Disclosure #1 from IDW!

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