Where there’s Always More Deadpool Team-Ups , it’s the Monday Update for Wednesday 10/18/2017!

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This is the Monday Update!

Following his marriage proposal to Catwoman, Batman leaves Gotham City on a quest of renewal and redemption.  As he travels and fights, he encounters members of his family-each disturbed by Batman’s journey, each ready to stand in his way, each ready to push back against Batman’s stubborn determination to evolve into something better than a superhero.  “A Dream of Me” begins in Batman #33!
Another tale from Dark Nights: Metal comes to rock the DC Universe!  The next creature of the Dark Multiverse to invade is the nightmare version of Aquaman!  Batman The Drowned #1 dives straight into your biggest fears!
The truth about Sovereign is revealed-and her identity will shake the Justice League to its core!  The Darkness is out of control and if the Justice League and their future children don’t triumph over its evil, it will mean the end of everything, everywhere, forever.  “Legacy” concludes in Justice League #31!
It’s a game of thrones on Apokolips as the lords of the dreaded world battle each other to claim its rule.  Lex Luthor is summoned back to the warring planet, and he will need Superman to help him reclaim a crown he did not ask for.  Meanwhile, Lois is confronted by the Female Furies and Jon faces the Children of the Firepits.  “Imperious Lex” starts in Superman #33!

Spinning out of Jeff Lemire’s Black Hammer is Sherlock Frankenstein and the Legion of Evil #1 from Dark Horse!  Lucy Weber, daughter of the Black Hammer, grew up to become an investigative reporter for the Global Planet.  Now she’s on the hunt for the true story about what happened to Spiral City’s superheroes after they defeated Anti-God and saved the world.  All answers seem to lie with the dangerous super villain tenants of Spiral City’s infamous asylum.  As she gets closer to the truth she uncovers the dark origin stories of some of her father’s greatest foes, and learns how they tie into the puzzle of what happened to Spiral City’s greatest hero.

The Maestro and his entire royal family have been murdered.  Now, his banished son from Earth will inherit the Wizard King’s throne along with a spell that turns its user into God.  With enemies everywhere, will this Orlando-born millennial be able to keep his new magic kingdom?  From Steve Skroce and Image Comics comes Maestros #1!

IDW’s epic Hasbro event, First Strike, brings 2 more stories starting with Optimus Prime First Strike #1!  With Cybertron under siege by Baron Ironblood’s forces, Optimus Prime and Arcee defend their homeland!  Caught in the middle is the human/Transformer team known as the Revolutionaries, and one of them has a secret that puts everyone at risk!
Rom’s team-up with the Micronauts leads our heroes right to the Dire Wraiths… and their new microscopic threat!  The second part of the Micronauts and Rom’s story-continued from last month’s Micronauts: First Strike comes in Rom First Strike #1!
Kafka meets King Lear by way of Young Frankenstein in Kid Lobotomy #1, a dark, demented, monthly satire that follows a dysfunctional family of hoteliers.  Will sibling rivalry, seduction, and shapeshifting eventually lead to sanity or salvation?

The final judgement comes as the Mangog arrives!  The War Thor will meet the beast head on.  Even the bloodthirst of this Ultimate Thor may pale in comparison to the might of the Mangog!  The battle rages as Jane’s cancer takes a turn for the worse, and she might not have to wait for the final judgment at all.  The clock is ticking, and no hammer can save her this time.  It’s the beginning of the end that will lead to the most dramatic return in the Marvel Universe!  “Death of the Mighty Thor” starts right here in Mighty Thor #700!
When Amadeus Cho picks up a distress signal from a distant planet he’s shocked to find out it’s from Sakaar.  As the Totally Awesome Hulk, he’s been trying to avert the curse of anger that haunted Bruce Banner.  Sakaar is a place for warriors and gladiators…a place where the Hulk fought brutally in the Imperial Arena…who is calling Cho for help?  Find out in Incredible Hulk #709!
Tony Stark has vanished!  The mystery deepens as Stark friends and foes must decide, finally, who will wield the power of Iron Man!  All the contenders are in position, and all the armor is polished.  There can only be one Armored Avenger!  The path to the most startling Iron Man story ever begins in Invincible Iron Man #593!
Carl Lucas went to jail for a crime he didn’t commit and came out a new man: the hero Luke Cage.  Now, Luke finds himself on the wrong side of the law and thrown back in prison again.  What dark power has caged Luke once more and when the entire world is threatened, how can Luke Cage save everyone from the inside of a jail cell?  “Caged” begins in Luke Cage #166!
The time-traveling mutant known as Cable has made it his one-man mission to preserve all of time itself.  When a disturbance in the timestream sends Cable back to the recent past, he’ll find a mutant killer he won’t be able to handle alone.  Cable’s led teams of X-Men before and he’ll have to turn to some old allies and new friends to stop this deadly threat.  The Newer Mutants are here in Cable #150!

Now the Spotlight of the Week!

What do you get when you cross a regenerative, cranky, old X-Man with a regenerative, wacky Wade Wilson?  Deadpool VS. Old Man Logan #1! Writer Declan and Mike Henderson are teaming up to team up Marvel’s deadliest heroes together in their own series!  James “Logan” Howlett is after a newly discovered Omega-Level mutant, and he just won’t let Deadpool help.  So, naturally, Deadpool vows to outmatch his newly marked enemy for the entirety of his mission!

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Welcome Back Again to the comic show that never ends, it’s the Monday Update for Wednesday 10/11/2017!

This is the Monday Update!

Gotham City Garage #1 is a new series inspired by the DC Collectibles statue line!  It’s been decades since Governor Lex Luthor turned Gotham City into a modern utopia, saving his people from the devastation that made the rest of the continent a wasteland.  His city isn’t paradise for everyone.  If the Lexes network misfires, and a citizen wakes up and steps out of line, the Bat and his minions are brutal in restoring the status quo.  So when young Kara Gordon, whose ridealong tech has never functioned optimally, rushes headlong into the Freescape, she’s shocked to find Gotham City Garage-where new friends might become family, if she lives long enough.
After a failed mission to raid a tomb in the Israeli Desert, war veteran Rory Harper is plagued by the death of his partners.  As Rory battles his guilt back in Gotham City, he discovers that what was in that tomb has followed him home, and it’s about to change his life.  As Rory begins his journey, an evil is invading Gotham City, and it wants what he’s discovered.  Ragman #1 is a visionary reimagining by writer Ray Fawkes and artist Inaki Miranda!
Warren Ellis’ critically acclaimed relaunch of The Wild Storm gets its first solo spinoff series with Wild Storm Michael Cray #1!  Michael Cray, professional assassin, has been betrayed by International Operations and has an alien life-form in his head that’s either killing him, transforming him, or both.  The only thing that can bring sense to his life is for him to do what he does best: kill the wrong people for the right reasons.
It’s flu season in Gotham City, but something odd is happening…only the men are getting sick, including those closest to the Birds of Prey!  With Commissioner Gordon on his deathbed and Batman fighting a foe even he can’t beat, only the Birds of Prey have the strength to stand up to what’s happening and keep the city from spiraling into chaos!  “Manslaughter” begins in Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #15!

Wormwood has been gone for some time.  Too long, if you ask his old friends.  They’re determined to track him down, no matter what dimension he’s buggered off to.  You see, a special agent from the U.S. government has asked for Wormwood’s help, and things are about to get political.  Ben Templesmith is back with Wormwood goes to Washington #1 from IDW!

Family Trade #1 is an all-new ongoing series from Image Comics and Justin Jordan!  Steampunk, alchemy, and adventure meet the ocean.  On an island city in a world where history didn’t quite turn out like ours, a hidden family of spies, thieves, and assassins makes sure that the world keeps going.  Or they did, until Jessa Wynn, their youngest member, manages to start a civil war.
In the futuristic city of Delphi, a young digital-forensics investigator named Seneca finds himself embroiled in the bizarre murders of three church acolytes.  Guided by his cryptic mentor, the Ruler named Hermes, Seneca uncovers a stunning conspiracy and a mystery that will turn his entire world upside down.  God Complex #1 is a unique vision of a digital future powered by mythological gods.

Down on your luck Peter Parker is back, for good or ill in the Marvel Universe!  New York has changed, and so has Peter – but entering a new phase of his Spider-Man life isn’t easy; neither are new relationships or new foes.  Peter Parker is not the Spider-Man you remember, but why is he taking his fight to The Daily Bugle? Also find out what happened to Parker Industries in Amazing Spider-Man #789!
Deadpool’s going back to his vile beginnings as a mercenary and wanted killer.  No more being a hero.  No more X-Men.  No more Avengers.  If he wants to break bad again, what’s more despicable than killing your best friend?  Cable better get ready because his old friend Wade has him in the crosshairs in Despicable Deadpool #287!
Don’t miss Jersey’s newest crimefighter in an all-new arc starting in Ms. Marvel #23!  Shouldering the burden of saving Jersey City has felt especially heavy for Kamala Khan since her falling out with her lifelong best friend and pseudo sidekick, Bruno.  Still, J.C. has always been her turf, so when a new hero moves into J.C., Kamala’s left conflicted.
Daredevil is being held prisoner in a remote outpost of the evil ninja clan The Hand.  It’s a battle of wits and skill, and DD must outsmart his captor – someone with a deep connection to his past – if he has any chance of escape!  “Land of the Blind” continues in Daredevil #27!
When it comes to super-heroics, Wonder Man and the Beast have seen it, done it, and they got the T-shirt.  When the world throws you cosmic conflict, global calamity, death, rebirth and heartache aplenty, it’s important to remember where your friends are.  “Stars and Garters” begins in Uncanny Avengers #28!

Now the Spotlight of the Week!

Sam Wilson – winged warrior, avian Avenger and one-time sentinel of liberty – takes to the skies again, reborn and recommitted as the fighter for freedom, The Falcon!  Engaged in an all-new assignment while training his new partner The Patriot, Sam Wilson soars high and sees all.  Sam’s new mission finds him on a collision course with an enemy way out of his weight class-the demonic Blackheart!  From the stratosphere to the streets, the Marvel Universe now has a high-flying hero circling above them ready to strike in Falcon #1!

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There’s No Business Like Comic Show Business, it’s the Monday Update for Wednesday 10/4/2017!


This is the Monday Update!

DC Comics and Archie are proud to present Harley & Ivy Meet Betty & Veronica #1!  Free college tuition for all Riverdale residents?!  That’s the plan-after the town drains the wetlands that lie between it and Gotham City and then builds a new campus.  The only snag?  A certain botany-obsessed super-villain.  When Poison Ivy enlists her bestie, Harley, to kidnap both Veronica Lodge, daughter of Riverdale’s most important citizen, and her friend Betty, she’s counting on some assistance-and the mayhem that ensues will probably work as well!
As the events of Dark Nights: Metal rock the DC Universe, the creatures of the Dark Multiverse stand ready to invade our world!  The next nightmare version is Green Lantern, in Batman The Dawnbreaker #1!  
As Kid Flash gets to know his new teammates, he soon discovers that Defiance is a team built on secrets and lies…but Kid Flash might be keeping the biggest secret of all!  Meanwhile, a dangerous new threat emerges from the Far East and threatens to destroy Defiance before they even begin!  “Defiance” continues in Deathstroke #24!
Nightwing rejected Raptor’s offer to be his new protégé.  Since he escaped prison months ago, Raptor has been making his plans to show Nightwing that if he didn’t want Raptor as a mentor…he will get him as the worst enemy he’s ever had!  Now, Raptor is back in Blüdhaven ,with secrets and a plan that will tear the city apart-and could put Nightwing out of commission forever!  “Raptor’s Revenge” begins in Nightwing #30!

You can say this about the life of Stanley Dance: he did it his way.  Unfortunately, his way never took getting old into account.  Now, the former boxer is on his last legs, looking for redemption…but he’ll settle for going down swinging.  Roll the dice with superstar artist Dan Panosian as he creates a bold and breathtaking vision of Las Vegas, where everything old can become new, and superstition influences how the chips fall.  Don’t miss Slots #1 from Image Comics!
The critically acclaimed free-to-play cooperative shooter comes to comics in Warframe #1!  In the far future, humanity’s descendants scramble to survive in a galaxy rife with conflict, scavenging for ancient technology and long-forgotten secrets.  Only the Tenno, powerful warriors, battle to preserve peace and keep the technological masterpieces of the long-dead Orokin out of the wrong hands.  Now, a faction of enhanced Grineer soldiers, under the tactician Captain Vor, scour the Earth for a hidden artifact, and only a lone Tenno and a blinded girl can stop them!

Dynamite brings us the cross over we really wanted with Hack/Slash Vs. Vampirella #1!  The Vegas strip heats up as Cassie Hack and her companion Vlad are on the trail of a deadly slasher and meet the lovely, yet deadly Vampirella.  This team-up event is a high stakes game of chance when they have to take on The Queen of Hearts!
The World’s Greatest Mystery! The World’s Greatest Detective! They can barely stand each other, so how will they possibly deal with the World’s Greatest Evil?  What legacy can two of the world’s most enduring icons of justice leave once they discover an ancient evil has been living inside the world they’ve protected for centuries, attached to it’s heart.  Can Batman and the Shadow save the world without killing it in the process?  Writer Steve Orlando and artist Giovanni Timpano unite to tell an instantly classic tale of noir, mortality, and generational heroes and villains , in Dynamite’s The Shadow/Batman #1 co-published with DC!

Following the events of Marvel’s Generations comes the long-promised clash between the Avengers and the Champions!  The countdown has started as the High Evolutionary, a twisted scientist determined to create a better world at all costs, sets the Earth on a collision course with destruction!  The Avengers and the Champions are ready to meet this threat – but will their first cataclysmic clash deter them from Changing the World?  Worlds collide in the legacy numbered Avengers #672!
By the time the Punisher was born in Vietnam, Frank Castle had already become a dark legend of the battlefield.  Stories about him were told in whispers, if at all.  Now the legendary Punisher team of Garth Ennis and Goran Parlov brings the first of those stories to light: the tale of Frank Castle’s first command, and his first kill.  Punisher Platoon #1 is not one to miss!
A dead angel-  A silver bullet-A kept promise.  For ages, the war between Heaven and Hell raged in the unseen corners of society, both sides in delicate balance that could topple if the right weapons were in the wrong hands.  When an undercover angel is murdered, Johnny Blaze, the Ghost Rider, must find the killers and punish them, but this time he won’t do it alone: A deadly team must rise from the darkest depths of the Marvel Universe to form an unholy alliance with Hellstorm, Satana, and Blade!  “War at the Gates of Hell” starts in Spirits of Vengeance #1!
Sabretooth first slashed his way into the pages of Marvel comics back in Iron Fist #14 and never looked back! Now Danny Rand, the legendary Iron Fist, has a problem only Sabretooth can help him solve.  Something is threatening the very existence of K’un-Lun, and the Iron Fist must do whatever he can to protect it, even if it means convincing his old enemy to fight by his side.  Will mutant claws and crane kicks be enough to save K’un-Lun?  Sabretooth Round Two begins in the legacy numbered Iron Fist #73!

Now the Spotlight of the Week!

In a world where Batman has gone too far, The Joker must save Gotham City.  He’s been called a maniac, a killer and the “Clown Prince of Crime” , but “white knight”?  Never! Until now…Set in a world where the Joker is cured of his insanity and homicidal tendencies, The Joker, now known as “Jack,” sets about trying to right his wrongs.  First he plans to reconcile with Harley Quinn, and then he’ll try to save the city from the one person who he thinks is truly Gotham City’s greatest villain: Batman!  Superstar writer and artist Sean Murphy presents a seven-issue miniseries of a twisted Gotham City ,with a massive cast of heroes and villains that, at its heart, is a tragic story of a hero and a villain: Batman and The Joker.  But which is the hero-and which the villain?  Find out in Batman White Knight #1 from DC!

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Hot From The Foundry, it’s the Monday Update for Wednesday 9/27/2017!

This is the Monday Update!


The events of Dark Nights: Metal are still shaking up the DC Universe.  The next creature of the Dark Multiverse is ready to invade our world!  The nightmare version of Cyborg arrives in Batman The Murder Machine #1!
Legendary writer James Robinson comes on board to answer one of the biggest questions of the year: Who is Wonder Woman’s brother?  Taken away from Themyscira in the dead of night, the mysterious Jason has been hidden somewhere far from the sight of gods and men, but his life and Wonder Woman’s are about to intersect in a terrifying way, bringing them face to face with a cosmic threat they never imagined!  “Children of the Gods” begins in Wonder Woman #31!
Special guest artist Felipe Watanabe joins the fray to tell the two-part story of how Ray Palmer, the original Atom, first discovered the microverse!  Witness this untold chapter in the DC Universe Rebirth mythology, and learn how Palmer came to find himself betrayed and marooned within the dying microverse! “Crisis in the Microverse” continues in Justice League of America #15!
It’s the story you’ve demanded: Where in the world (or otherwise) is Tim Drake?  Red Robin faces a crossroads…escape the most devious prison ever devised, or find himself abandoned beyond time and space for all eternity!  Not much of a choice, right?  When he finds out just who is locked in there with him, Tim’s world will change in ways he never imagined!  This is one of the biggest stories of the Rebirth era, setting the stage for an explosive Detective Comics epic!  “A Lonely Place of Living” starts in Detective Comics #965!


Micronauts First Strike #1 is the next tie-in to IDW’s big event!  Rom, remaining on Earth as the events of First Strike take place, finds himself in a most unusual team-up… with Earth’s smallest heroes, The Micronauts!  Together, these two forces must prevent a catastrophe on Earth even while Cybertron descends into chaos!
The Infinite Loop is back with a new self-contained story!  Infinite Loop Nothing but the Truth #1 is a perfect jumping-on point for new readers!  Twin Peaks-creepiness collides with Orwell’s 1984-dystopian madness in this sci-fi mini series, as Teddy is sent back in time to a little town where people are addicted to lies.
Huey, Dewey, and Louie are back in Ducktales #1!  In “The Great Experiment of the Washing Machine,” Donald and the Nephews visit a top-secret lab, chock-full of crazy inventions to make life easier… but might make them shorter, instead!  Then, learn “The Chilling Secret of the Lighthouse!”


Rat Queens Special: Orc Dave #1 is a new one-shot from Image Comics!   Long before Palisade and the Four Daves, Orc Dave enjoyed a secluded life with his father in the mystical Green Wilds.  There are vile, evil monsters that stalk their land, but something worse has just arrived: the Rat Queens!


Infamous Iron Man #12 arrives with the epic climax to one of the most critically acclaimed stories of the year!  With enemies on all sides, how can Victor Von Doom continue to carry on the legacy of Iron Man…especially when the legacy of Doctor Doom still haunts him at every turn?  Don’t miss this very special issue, as its events will have massive repercussions for the rest of the Marvel Universe!
Generations Captain Americas #1 puts the Captains back together again.  They were part of the Greatest Generation!  Now Sam Wilson finds himself alongside them yet again in a strange yet familiar setting – fighting shoulder-to-shoulder with Captain America and Bucky against a seemingly unstoppable threat to the safety of the world!
When it comes to problems, Peter Parker’s got it all: Bullies at school, ailing aunt, a doppelganger, crushing responsibility, and…wait, a doppelganger?!  Can’t Peter ever catch a break?  What does all this craziness have to do with Miles Morales?  Find out in Generations Morales & Parker Spider-Man #1!
It’s Cable vs. Conquest in a battle for time itself!  The tables have turned, and with Cable’s shocking reveal last issue, Conquest’s lust for power turns desperate!  Is that enough to stop his plans once and for all…or has time already run out?  The showdown you’ve been waiting for is here in Cable #5!
T’Challa finds himself in an uneasy alliance with Ayo and Aneka, the Midnight Angels, when a new deity rises to claim Wakanda for its own.  Making matters worse, an enemy from Black Panther’s past has resurfaced with ill intentions.  It seems Black Panther has one choice – bend the knee, or watch his country burn.  The King makes his decision in Black Panther #18!


Now the Spotlight of the Week!


It begins at the dawn of the human race, and ends with a child’s prayer!  In between, empires fall, mysteries brew, secrets are revealed, quests are undertaken and legends are forged!  All leading up to the dramatic return you’ve been waiting for, and one you’ve been dreading!  Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic usher in a new dawn – one whose rays will touch every corner of the Marvel Universe in the days to come!  Marvel Legacy #1 is everything you’ve been longing for and more!


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A Day For batman (Harley quinn) This Saturday, it’s the Monday Update for Wednesday 9/20/2017!

celebrate all things Batman, including Harley Quinn’s 25th anniversary this Saturday September 23rd, There will be giveaways and more!

This is the Monday Update!

As the events of Dark Nights: Metal rock the DC Universe, the creatures of the Dark Multiverse stand ready to invade our world!  How can even the World’s Greatest Heroes stop a horde of deadly beings that appear to be powerful, nightmare versions of familiar figures?  Batman: The Red Death #1 shows us a different take on the Fastest Man Alive!
What makes one a legend?  How do legends carve their names into history, when countless others are forgotten?  Wonder Woman and Conan the Barbarian are destined by the fates to be legendary, but when their stories collide, will both emerge victorious, or will the fickle Gods cut their lives short?  Wonder Woman/Conan #1 is co-published with Dark Horse Comics!
For a year Oliver Queen has been one step behind the Ninth Circle.  Now he knows why: an orbiting fortress from which the super-villain financial empire secretly spies, steals, buys, sells and kills everyone and everything Green Arrow needs to defeat them.  It is going down in Green Arrow #31!  It’ll take the whole Justice League to clean up the mess in this epic conclusion to the most star-studded Green Arrow story ever!
Caught in the claws of the monstrous crustacean crime baron known as Crush, Aquaman and Dolphin are bargaining chips in a most dangerous game with the cruel King Rath, who’ll do anything to keep the secret of Arthur’s survival from the people of Atlantis.  Meanwhile, Mera’s mission to break into the sealed kingdom hits a rough patch when Atlantis’ magical technology short circuits on a massive scale-especially those devices made of a certain metal.  “Underworld” concludes in Aquaman #29!
Simon Baz stands alone against Volthoom, the first and most powerful Lantern.  It’s a battle of courage and will that changes both Baz and Volthoom forever.  Don’t miss the “Out of Time” finale in Green Lanterns #31!

As Scarlett heads off to Cybertron to confront the events of First Strike, her G.I. Joe team on Earth faces an unusual enemy… V.E.N.O.M.!  With the help of a former M.A.S.K. member, G.I. Joe looks to put an end to Miles Mayhem’s sinister group once and for all, in IDW’s Greatest Crossover One-Shot Of All Time- G.I. Joe First Strike #1!
Nobody talks about how many dinosaurs died in WWII.  Three months after Sergeant Tommy Irish Flynn and Captain John Noble wiped them out while foiling a Nazi plan, the boys are back, hot on the trail of some Dino DNA stolen by their former ally, Agent Elizabeth Huntington-Moss!  The Nazis must be stopped before they can unleash their doomsday weapon!  A Jurassic sequel arrives with Half Past Danger II: Dead to Reichs #1!

Fugitives. Rebels. Newlyweds. In their journey south from El Norte, Amalia and Randy have played many roles in order to survive.  Now, they must become unlikely leaders in the fight against a new cartel who uses inhuman tactics to ignite the most monstrous war Mexico – and the world – has ever seen.  Everything burns in Gasolina #1 from Image Comics, where love and devotion can only be measured in fire and blood.
Fan-favorite writer Jim Zub and artist Djibril Morissette-Phan continue their twisted exploration of fame and failure in Glitterbomb The Fame Game #1!   Kaydon Klay wants to be famous.  She wants it more than anything else she’s ever known.  The dream is hers for the taking, and all she has to do is embrace the national tragedy that’s put her in the spotlight.  The entertainment industry feeds on our insecurities, desires, and fears.  You can’t toy with those kinds of primal emotions without them biting back.
Eisner nominee Simon Spurrier and rising-star Caspar Wijngaard present your new bittersweet adventure obsession with Angelic #1!  A book of teenage rebellion and animal antics amidst the ruins of civilization!  For one young flying monkey, QORA, the routines are unbearable.  All she wants is to explore.  Instead she’s expected to settle down, to become a mother… to lose her wings.

Still shook over the events of Marvel’s Secret Empire?  See how the Avengers are dealing with the damage with a Secret Empire Aftermath Breakdown!

•US Avengers #10- In the aftermath of Secret Empire, A.I.M. elects a brand-new Supreme Leader – but Roberto Da Costa has one last mission for the U.S.Avengers.  “The Search for Sam” begins here!
•Avengers #11– Not every Avenger came out of the Secret Empire’s regime the same as going in.  One of Earth’s Mightiest, in particular, will either step up to lead the team – or retire altogether!
Ms. Marvel’s falling out with her idol Carol Danvers, a.k.a. the Mighty Captain Marvel, just took a bizzare turn!  Kamala suddenly finds herself as an intern at Woman Magazine – Carol’s former place of employment!  Between cozying up to her boss, filing back issues, and her usual super-heroing, how will Kamala find time to figure out what got her here in the first place?  Find out in Generations Ms. Marvel & Ms. Marvel #1!
See things from a different point of view in Venom #154!  You’ve seen things from Eddie Brock’s perspective; now see how things look from the other side – in this, a whole issue from the perspective of the Venom Symbiote!
The Rebel Alliance is on the lookout for a new secret base!  Rebellion leader Princess Leia goes with Han Solo to scope out a secret hideout only he knows…as well as the group of killers who want him dead!  See Han try and get out of this one in Star Wars Annual #3!

Now the Spotlight of the Week!

From New York Times best-selling writer Jeff Lemire  and extraordinary artists Lewis LaRosa & Mico Suayan , a bloody and vengeful new era for Bloodshot begins in Bloodshot Salvation #1 from Valiant!  Ray Garrison escapes his violent past to build the one thing he never thought he’d earn: a family.  In the arms of his beloved girlfriend Magic, Bloodshot has finally found hope for the future…in the form of the couple’s unborn child.  When Magic’s estranged family – a cruel and sadistic clan of homegrown criminals – re-emerge to lay claim to their lost daughter, Bloodshot will be pushed back to the brink of madness, mayhem, and warfare…

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