No snow for valentine’s day! it’s the Monday Update for wednesday 2/15/2017!

This is the Monday Update!

The newest chapter of Batwoman’s life begins in Batwoman Rebirth #1!  Monster Venom is the hottest new bioweapon on the market…and to break up the syndicate spreading it around the world, Batwoman’s going to have to return to the place where she spent some of her darkest hours!  Learn where Batwoman comes from, and where she’s going, in this one-shot prologue to the first big Batwoman epic from DC, “The Many Arms Of Death”!
The sons of Batman and Superman have graduated to their own monthly comic-but if they want to survive, they’re going to have to share it!  This debut issue looks at the lives of Robin and Superboy and their destiny to follow in their fathers’ footsteps. We meet a new villain whose ascension parallels the boys’ own understanding of their powers-except that he believes it’s his right to rule over every being on the planet!  “When I Grow Up” begins in Super Sons #1!
The biggest Green Arrow epic since the start of the Rebirth era comes to a shattering conclusion in Green Arrow #17!  Oliver, Emiko and Black Canary unite against the deadly assassin terrorizing Seattle’s most prominent citizens, but the mysterious murderer won’t go down without a fight-even if it takes all of Seattle with him.
The horror that kept our heroes trapped in nightmares of their own making is now loose in the world, and it’s taking possession of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman!  When the spawn of Mongul holds the keys to the most powerful heroes in the DC Universe no one is safe!  “Better Together” continues in Trinity #6!

The Hugo and Nebula Award-winning science fiction tale by Joe Haldeman is beautifully realised in full color by the legendary artist Marvano!   An epic science fiction war story spanning space and time, The Forever War #1 , from Titan Comics, explores one soldier’s experience of being caught up in the brutal machinery of a war that reaches across the stars!

“The End of All Things” starts right now in Invincible #133!  Ryan Ottley returns to this twelve-part mega-story that will touch every corner of the Invincible Universe, and when it’s over… it’s over.  Every single story for the past thirteen years has been leading up to this.  Also: This issue is 25 cents to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Image Comics!

The Jackal takes drastic measures that Spider-Man, Spider-Gwen and Scarlet Spider could never see coming.  Jackal’s coup de grâce not only sets a host of resurrected villains loose on the unsuspecting streets of San Francisco, but threatens the lives of everyone on Earth!  After months of waiting, heartache and incredible surprises, this is the issue Spider-fans around the world will be talking about for years to come!  Don’t miss the conclusion to this big Spidey event in Clone Conspiracy #5!  
As monsters continue their assault against Earth and its heroes, the being responsible for the attack is made perfectly clear…and a new ally emerges from the rubble that surprises everyone… But what does all of this have to do with a little boy from New York City…and how does he tie into the Inhumans’ ancient history?  Get ready to be riveted by Monsters Unleashed #3!

Too bad for the Marvel Universe that Strange is at his lowest power levels.  What’s a Sorcerer Supreme to do?  Find out in Doctor Strange #1.MU!
It’s socialism gone wild as the U.S.Avengers literally punch the business leaders of tomorrow right in their faces!  Are there extenuating circumstances, or have we just gone mad? You’ll have to read U.S. Avengers #3 to find out!
Logan takes his last stand in Old Man Logan #18!  Can Logan escape the Brood and save the rest of Alpha Flight?  What happened to Danny Cage and the Hulk Baby?  Is Logan doomed to walk the Wastelands forever…or be trapped in the endless reaches of Deep Space?
The question everyone has been asking may finally be answered.  What price did Matt Murdock pay to make his identity secret again, and who got left behind in the process?   The new story arc “Purple” begins in Daredevil #17!

Now the Spotlight of the Week!

New York Times best-selling writer Warren Ellis returns to DC to curate Jim Lee’s WildStorm world, with this debut issue resetting the WildStorm universe with new iterations of Grifter, Voodoo, the Engineer, Jenny Sparks and others.  A new era for old heroes arrives in Wild storm #1!

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Man Your Battle-Stations, it’s the Monday Update for Wednesday 2/8/2017!

This is the Monday Update!

Batman, Black Canary, Killer Frost, the Ray, Vixen, the Atom, and…Lobo?!  Spinning directly out of the events of Justice League VS. Suicide Squad, join the sensational team of writer Steve Orlando and artists Ivan Reis and Joe Prado and discover how Batman assembled the roughest, toughest, Justice League of all time!  Don’t miss out on DC’s Justice League of America Rebirth #1!
Celebrate 950 issues of the original Batman series in the extra-sized extravaganza –Detective Comics #950!  Cassandra Cain has stayed out of the spotlight on Batman’s team as she slowly comes to terms with the civilized world she was kept away from all her life…but the time for her to step up is fast approaching!  Will she ever learn how to fit in among the masses, or will she always be more weapon than woman?  Plus: a primer on the history of the League of Assassins, and an adventure with the team’s newest recruit: Azrael, the Avenging Angel!
Step aside, gentlemen-Poison Ivy is about to steal the spotlight in Batman’s continuing rogues gallery road trip.  Scott Snyder teams up with mega-talent Tula Lotay to re-imagine the Dark Knight’s most seductive villain in All Star Batman #7!
As Wally West and the Titans adjust to their new lives in New York City and investigate a mysterious new threat, Karen and Mal Duncan visit Meta Solutions to discuss their future.  The meeting takes an unexpected turn when Mal delivers a shocking revelation, and Karen is faced with a difficult choice. “Made in Manhattan” starts in Titans #8!
Argo City is on a collision course with Earth and the Girl of Steel is the only hero that can stop it!  Cyborg Superman and Kara Zor-El clash in a cataclysmic final battle that leaves only one standing!  “Reign of the Cyborg Supermen” finale is here in Supergirl #6 !

On the peaceful planet of Elonia, a surprise attack by the pernicious Dire Wraiths leaves the planet and its Solstar Order defense corps reeling… so what can one young explorer named Rom possibly do to help ? Find out here as IDW proudly presents the full, unfettered origin of ROM in the ROM Annual 2017!  It’s Part of IDW’s 2017 Annual Offensive – an over-sized , action-packed deluxe format issue full of key stories!

Love is tearing apart costumed crimefighter Empowered’s city, as the unearthly powers of an embittered “International Magical Girl of Mystery” covertly inflame the superheroic community’s burning passions.  Even if a befuddled Emp can puzzle out her shadowy foe’s schemes, can she hope to prevail against the Soldier of Love?  Dark Horse brings us Empowered Soldier of Love #1!

Dynamite Entertainment shows us the Death of Mars with John Carter The End #1!  Centuries have passed and time has taken its toll.  Conflict burns across the landscape of Barsoom.  A war of supremacy and genocide at the hands of a brutal despot has brought the planet to the edge of collapse.  A search party has finally located an aged John Carter and Dejah Thoris, living in quiet seclusion on a desert moon, in perpetual mourning for a lost son.  How could they be Mars’ last hope?

A terrible twosome of Leviathan Monsters has crashed down in Rome, and with Earth’s Heroes spread thin, it’s up to Medusa and the Uncanny Inhumans to stop them!  When one of the monsters sets its sights on a small village, Crystal and Swain are cut off from their team – and one is gravely injured.  Spinning out of Marvel’s Monsters Unleashed comes Uncanny Inhumans #1.MU!
The young Inhumans devise a crazy plan to infiltrate Muir Island…The only thing standing in their way: the master of magnetism himself, Magneto.  Meanwhile, Medusa and the other royals mount a desperate effort to escape from the mutants’ prison in Limbo…and an X-Man changes sides!  The war continues in Inhumans Vs. X-Men #4!
Jessica made some tough choices to save her husband and child from the clutches of the latest hateful madness that has hit the Marvel Universe. But was it enough?  Another all-new chapter from Jessica’s original creators arrives in Jessica Jones #5!
A member of Kamala’s online gaming guild has learned her secret identity and now no one in her life is safe.  Ms. Marvel doesn’t play when it comes to protecting Jersey City.  This is the next level…Kampala is ready to kick some 8-bit butt in Ms. Marvel #15!
The Odinson’s quest is impeded when Proxima Midnight and the Black Swan seek to battle with him!  Are the two acting alone or is there someone else pulling their strings?  Don’t miss the debut of the Odinson’s all-new look in Unworthy Thor #5!

Now the Spotlight of the Week!

Wilson Fisk builds a brand new empire in Kingpin #1 from Marvel!  The Kingpin has done bad things.  Deplorable things.  He has cheated the law. He has blackmailed rivals.  He has killed.  That’s all in the past.  The Kingpin is back in the city that he loves and ready to make his mark as a titan of legitimate industry, but needs to rekindle his public image.  When Wilson Fisk makes disgraced journalist Sarah Dewey an offer she can’t refuse, this spiraling saga of crime and betrayal begins anew!

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Saying goodbye to January the only way we know how…it’s the Monday Update for Wednesday 2/1/2017 !

Star Wars Darth Maul #1This is the Monday Update!

After the Events of DC’s Justice League Vs. Suicide Squad comes “Regroup”!  Broken, battered and pinned down by a new alien threat, the Justice League is forced to confront long-simmering tensions between teammates before they can save the world.  Grievances are aired and secrets are revealed in Justice League #14, written and drawn by Bryan Hitch for this special issue!
Bane is coming for Batman.  Bruce must keep those he loves safe for five days in order to save Gotham Girl once and for all.  Bane will stop at nothing, and no one is safe.  “I Am Bane” begins in Batman #16!
It’s the Dark Knight/Emerald Knights team up you’ve been waiting for in Green Lanterns #16!  Simon and Jessica travel to Gotham City to help Batman with a mystery even he can’t solve!  People all across the city have been gripped with fear.  Is it Scarecrow?  Is it the Sinestro Corps?  Can these Justice League teammates work together to solve the mystery? Superman, New Super-Man and Justice Incarnate make their last stand against their multiverse-spanning foe, and the Man of Steel discovers another clue to the truth of his existence.  Don’t miss the “Multiplicity” finale in Superman #16!
An overload in the quantum field forced Nathaniel Adam back to the 1990s, leaving him stranded.  With no powers and no clear way to get home, he wonders how his presence in the past might affect his future.  If he gets his wish…will that future include Captain Atom?  Find out in The Fall and Rise of Captain Atom #2!

Planetoid Praxis #1 from Image Comics is the long-anticipated sequel to the popular 2012 miniseries Planetoid.  The inhabitants of a distant planetoid have fought off their robot overlords and established a thriving settlement on the planetoid’s mechanized surface.  Now, years later, their de facto leader, Onica, must grapple with a new complication when their isolated way of life is threatened by the arrival of an unexpected visitor!

Sin is a joke to Brandon Hull.  Morality a crutch for the weak, laws mere tools to be abused.  When the corruption he scoffed at begins to manifest on his once-perfect body, Hull finds himself cast into a hidden world of unspeakable horror from which there is no escape.  How can you be saved when the evil possessing you is your own soul?  Phil Hester and Tony Harris open a jarring window on to a world of horror in Blood Blister #1 from Aftershock!

BOOM! Studios and DC Comics are proud to bring together two classic properties in a historic crossover event.  Green Lantern/Planet of the Apes #1 places the Corps in a world that shouldn’t exist!  When Taylor goes missing, Cornelius investigates and discovers an ancient ring, unlike anything the universe has ever seen.  As its power echoes through the stars, the Guardians of the Universe must reveal to their Lanterns a secret they had hoped would remain buried.  With the Green Lantern Corps, led by Hal Jordan, racing to get to the source of this power before Sinestro can get his hands on it, they will discover a truth that will change them forever on…The Planet of the Apes!

The heroes of the Marvel Universe repel wave after wave of Leviathan monsters as more and more fall to Earth…Captain Marvel rallies her Alpha Flight against these hordes from space while Captain America and the Avengers hold the line around the world in Monsters Unleashed #2!
As monsters fall from the sky, the All-New X-Men find themselves in New Orleans, but this trip is going to involve more than beignets and gumbo!  While the rest of her team enjoys Mardi Gras in the city, Wolverine travels deep into the bayou with an old friend to investigate several mysterious disappearances in this Monsters Unleashed tie-in, All New X-Men #1.MU!
Daredevil, Elektra, Punisher…You name ’em, Bullseye beat ’em.  That was just business… This?
This is pleasure.  What does the world’s greatest assassin do for fun?  Find out what Bullseye gets involved in for laughs in Bullseye #1!
The asylum wasn’t the first institution Marc Spector escaped, or the first that rejected him.  Is Moon Knight stronger alone, or more vulnerable?  Trapped outside of reality, his survival depends on answers from his past!  Run for your lives in Moon Knight #11!
The Avengers turn the tables on one of their oldest foes by adopting one of his tactics, leaving Kang nowhere to run and nowhere to hide – except in the timestream itself!  “Kang War IV” begins in Avengers #4!

Now the Spotlight of the Week!

Bred on hate, fear, and anger…steeped in the ways of darkness…and trained to kill.  Darth Maul’s time as apprentice to Darth Sidious has long been cloaked in shadows, but at last we will reveal his tale of revenge.  From writer Cullen Bunn and artist Luke Ross comes a tale of rage unleashed as Darth Maul prepares for his first encounter with the Jedi in Marvel’s Star Wars Darth Maul #1!

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Making Comics Great…Again, it’s the Monday Update for Wednesday 1/25/2017!

Loose Ends #1This is the Monday Update!

Prepare to take part in one of the greatest adventures from the infinite futures of the DC Universe, and join the industry’s top creative teams in a round-robin, no-holds-barred, storytelling extravaganza titled The Kamandi Challenge #1!  Each issue will end with an unimaginable cliffhanger, and it’s up to the next creative team to resolve it before creating their own.

What mysteries are hidden in the book Ra’s al Ghul hired Catwoman to steal?  Why does this caper lead Batman down memory lane-to his childhood fight against actual Nazis?  Witness the Caped Crusader’s first encounter with one of the greatest heroes the world has ever known: Wonder Woman!  It’s a time- and space-spanning adventure unlike anything you’ve seen before!  Don’t miss the first issue of Batman 66 Meets Wonder Woman 77!

What happens to a super-villain on their last day in Belle Reve Prison?  Against all odds, Killer Frost is up for parole from the Suicide Squad, but you can bet Amanda Waller isn’t going to make it easy for Frost to join the new JLA.  From the pages of Justice League Vs. Suicide Squad comes Justice League of America Killer Frost Rebirth #1!

Don’t miss the start of this new miniseries set in the world of Wonder Woman with Odyssey of the Amazons #1!  Years before the birth of Princess Diana, a group of Amazons set out on a globe-spanning quest to find others of their kind, encountering legendary creatures and beings along the way!

In London, Marid is selling the assembled underworld on his plans for humanity.  On a train to Paris, Mercury relives her time in the Creator’s realm she visited, and she’s hoping she avoids death this time as well.  “The Poison Truth” continues in Hellblazer #6!

Three weird tales show the world of Hellboy through the years, with Edward Grey appearing alongside Sarah Jewell, hero of the recent Rise of the Black Flame series in 1890s London.  In 1980s New England, Hellboy, Abe Sapien, and Liz Sherman set out on a simple search for some missing kids and encounter a tormented spirit seeking to share its pain.  Paul Grist joins the team for a 1950s Hellboy story providing a glimpse of the next new title to debut in the Mignolaverse.  Dark Horse presents the Hellboy Winter Special 2017 one-shot!

When Old Biff Tannen travels to the past to give his younger self the Grays Sports Almanac, he opens a lethal Pandora’s Box that drastically changes the course of history.  In the Back to the Future movies, Doc and Marty save the day — but what happens in Biff Tannen’s dystopia before they do?  Find out in IDW’s Biff to the Future #1, the alternate life story of Biff Tannen detailing his diabolical rise to power, his dangerous relationship with the McFly family and Doc Brown, and his ultimate demise.  The apocalypse has got nothing on the kinds of trouble a Tannen can make!

Ryan Ferrier and Valentin Ramon are back with D4VEOCRACY #1, the third arc of the acclaimed D4VE series.  In the wake of a robo-political assassination, D4VE begins a presidential campaign.  A hip new app startup has other plans for the robot society, however, and creates the perfect political rival!

The epilogue to the Marvel blockbuster event Civil War II arrives in Civil War II The Oath #1!  In the aftermath of war, Tony Stark and Carol Danvers both turn to the one person they can trust…Steve Rogers, Captain America.

New Attilan is conquered.  Medusa and her generals are being held prisoner as the X-Men prepare to cleanse the world of the Terrigen Cloud.  Could this be the end of Inhuman progeny?  Now, the only hope for the Inhuman legacy rests in the hands of an unlikely crew of young Inhumans.  The war rages on in Inhumans Vs. X-Men #3!

Monsters Unleashed brings a bunch of new tie-ins to go along with Marvel’s new crossover event!  Spider-Man and Deadpool find themselves face-to-face with one of the dozens of monsters smashing and stomping their way through the Marvel Universe in Spider-Man/Deadpool #1.MU!

A seemingly straightforward mission for Spider-Man takes an unexpected turn when Earth’s Mightiest Heroes are caught off-guard by a monstrous invasion from the sky in Avengers #1.MU!  An all-star lineup of Avengers battling behemoths in this over-sized spectacular that’s a perfect jumping-on point for new readers and old.
“Blood in the Aether” reaches its jaw-dropping conclusion in Doctor Strange #16!  Doctor Strange has run the gamut of his most powerful villains, and waiting at the end?  The scariest of all…the dread Dormammu is back and bringing the hurt to his archenemy!

Now the Spotlight of the Week!

No one seemed to notice Sonny Gibson as he stepped back into “The Hideaway,” a dusty little honky-tonk nestled off the Carolina highway.  Before the night was over, Sonny would be on the run-from the law, from the criminals, even from himself.  Loose  Ends #1 from Image Comics is a gritty, slow-cooked, Southern crime romance that follows a winding trail down Tobacco Road, through the war-torn streets of Baghdad, and into the bright lights and bloody gutters of South Florida.

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Fresher than a Pillow with a Mint on it , it’s the Monday Update for Wednesday 1/18/2017!

Curse Words #1This is the Monday Update!

DC’s crossover, Justice League Vs. Suicide Squad, begets the one-shot Justice League of America the Ray #1!  Locked indoors, raised in the dark, and told his medical condition could be fatal to himself and anyone he meets, Ray Terrill is dangerous.  A freak.  Broken.  Or is he…?  Witness the amazing power of self-realization in this moving rebirth of a long-lost hero for a new generation!
Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman must battle for their lives against their greatest foes in an arena of their own making! The mastermind behind this attack has revealed himself at last: Mongul is back in Trinity #5!
Superman and New Super-Man fight alongside an army of Supermen from across the Multiverse against the threat trying to wipe them all out of existence! Plus, Jon and his neighbor Kathy investigate a hidden horror that seems to be growing in their town.  “Multiplicity” continues in Superman #15!
The Run-Offs abandon Nightwing, leaving him to fend for himself in the harsh streets of Blüdhaven.  Dick Grayson finds himself the next target of the Blüdhaven serial killer in Nightwing #13!

Returning for Dark Horse… Angel Season 11 #1! Vampire Angel is tormented by a vision linking his shameful past to something very big – and very bad – that is coming. The goddess Illyria gives Angel some insight and incentive. Then she really gets involved, and Angel discovers that it might be possible to change the future by changing the past.

Critically lauded writer and playwright Sean Lewis follows up the cult favorite Saints with The Few #1 from Image Comics!  The Few combines Mad Max action with a Station Eleven sensibility in this sci-fi series for mature readers.  In a dystopian future, two survivalist brothers stumble across an unlikely sight: a woman asleep in the woods holding nothing but a gun and a baby wearing a gas mask.  As these boys begin to embark on helping this woman, betrayals, secrets, and revolutions abound in the fight for what’s left of America.

The Revolution many be over, but the future is just beginning!  Ripped from the pages of the hottest IDW crossover of the year, the Revolution team of John Barber and Fico Ossio continue the action!  Kup is a Cybertronian literally older than the universe; Action Man is the ultimate special agent trying to live up to an impossible legacy; Mayday is a G.I. JOE leader trying to rescue her first command; and Blackrock is a Cybertronian that thinks he’s a human.   It takes the mind-bending clash of ROM versus Major Bludd and the Oktober Guard to bring this unlikely team together… and the secret they learn threatens to unravel the entire universe. Plus an Exclusive bound-in, Sgt. Savage mini-comic reprinting a lost tale written and drawn by the late, great Joe Kubert!  The secrets of the Hasbro universe will be revealed!  If you follow one new book this month, make it Revolutionaries #1!

The Greatest.  That’s what they call her.  Carol Danvers has been to the depths of outer space and back, but that still hasn’t prepared her for her newfound status of biggest super hero ever in the Marvel Universe!  Danvers may not like the crown she’s wearing, but boy does it look good on her!
Carol Danvers makes her triumphant return in the Mighty Captain Marvel #1!
It’s all hands on deck with the Avengers, Champions, Guardians, X-Men and the Inhumans as they clash with what threaten to destroy every corner of the Marvel Universe.  Who are the Leviathons?  Who controls them?  How can they be stopped before Earth becomes another tragic, barren world in their wake?  Written by powerhouse writer Cullen Bunn and drawn by Marvel legend Steve McNiven, Monsters Unleashed #1 is the beginning of something big that you just can’t miss!
Spider-Gwen #16 continues the story from Spider-Man #12!  Miles and Gwen find themselves in an Earth-65 adventure that’s going to rock both of their worlds (and universes).
Riri faces her first big Marvel villain.   A big Iron Man villain.  It does not go great.  Will Riri find a way to rise to the challenge she has set for herself?   Does she really have what it takes?  All this plus Riri finds out who else is running around as Iron Man!  Riri Williams makes international headlines in Invincible Iron-Man #3!
The darkest Spider-Man story ever gets even darker in Clone Conspiracy #4!  Doctor Octopus and the Lizard have both been on a tight leash, but decide it’s time to stop playing nice…

Now the Spotlight of the Week!

A wizard has appeared in New York City, and he’s casting wonderful spells, getting famous, getting rich-it’s great!  But it’s not.  This wizard has everyone fooled.  He is actually an evil wizard, and evil things are on the way!  Curse Words #1 is a gonzo modern fantasy, full of darkness, light…and magic!  We’ve been waiting for this new ongoing series by Charles Soule and Ryan Browne from Image Comics!

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