The True Crimefighter Always Carries Everything He Needs in His Utility Belt, it’s the Monday Update for Wednesday 6/14/2017!

This is the Monday Update!

DC’s Legion of Super-Heroes always thought they had taken their inspiration from the 21st Century’s Superboy.  When they try to bring that hero into their future time, the team discovers to their surprise , the caped champion isn’t who-or even what-they expected! And the bonus Looney Tunes backup story features DC characters with story and art by Juan Ortiz!  Things are getting Looney with Legion of Super Heroes Bugs Bunny #1!
Martian Manhunter tries to halt Marvin the Martian’s determination for world domination.  J’onn is conflicted with his own Martian identity as he attempts to stop the hapless, determined ,Marvin from blowing Earth to bits in order to gain a clear view of Venus.  Martian warfare begins in Martian Manhunter Marvin the Martian #1!
Superman races to save the Suicide Squad from General Zod, Cyborg Superman and Eradicator.  Can the Man of Steel escape the Black Vault and stop the carnage before Harley, Deadshot and the rest of Task Force X are forced to make a final stand?  “Revenge” continues in Action Comics #981!
While fighting the forces of the malevolent super-science outfit known as Skull, the League discovers a secret valley deep in the Russian Tundra, home to Makson, a lone human male raised by fantastic creatures.  Learning his true identity, the JLA endeavors to reunite Makson with mankind, his family, and his birthright.  Not everyone wants the mysterious savage to come home.  “The Man from Monster Valley” begins in Justice League of America #8!

Ripped directly from the world of Image’s Bitch Planet, a crack team of creators spin three teeth-clenching tales of rage, revolution, and ridicule in Bitch Planet Triple Feature #1!  Plus: Essays, letter column, and more!  100% Grade A satire.  Accept no substitutes!
Athens lost the war to Crete.  Now, they pay tribute to King Minos by sacrificing their best citizens to his unearthly labyrinth.  Conspirators believe Theseus can be the hero they need to end the mad king’s bloody reign…but no one on this world has ever encountered anything like the savage minotaur! Kill the Minotaur #1 reinvents the most fearsome beast of all with this horrific tale of heroism!
An American family traveling on vacation finds themselves stranded in a small town with a sinister secret.  Horror genius Steve Niles brings us Winnebago Graveyard #1!

Daredevil!  Luke Cage!  Jessica Jones!  Iron Fist!  Individually, these four heroes have been on the front lines of the battle to keep the streets of the city safe and secure!  Now, with a deadly enemy from the dim past making a major move to unite the underworld, they will need to become more – they will need to become Defenders!  Brian Michael Bendis and David Marquez unite to bring you Defenders #1, the next great super-team, in the tradition of Marvel’s New Avengers!
There is a power that can either save the world or doom it!  Both Steve Rogers and the heroes arrayed against him need this power!  Unfortunately for all of them, the key to possessing this power lies in the hands of the unstoppable Ultron!  It’s exciting times in Secret Empire #4!
Time for the Secret Empire Breakdown!
•Captain America Sam Wilson #23- Drawn back into the fight, Sam Wilson battles to restore sense to a world in chaos!  For Hydra, there isn’t a need for two Captain Americas.
•Deadpool #32- Who’s the guy in Hydra? Deadpool! You’re darned right!  We’re starting to think he might be on the wrong side here.
•Secret Empire United #1- Steve Rogers has finally brought peace to the planet, securing the borders of the land that he loves against any and all threats.  His peace will be maintained-by any means   necessary.  When skirmishes break out on the outskirts of mutant-controlled territory, Hydra’s supreme leader takes matters into his own hands…
•Secret Warriors #3- The team’s quest to unite the Inhumans will bring them into the land of the only people who truly understand the dangers they face: The X-Men!  But, uh, it does not go well… Quake’s leadership forces Ms. Marvel to make some tough choices about what she is willing to do to win this war.  All of this leads to a shocking showdown!
•Uncanny Avengers #24- Tricked by Hydra, trapped in a prison they never anticipated, the Uncanny Avengers have a cunning escape plan…but it might just make things even worse!

Now the Spotlight of the Week!

Darkness comes to the DC Universe with the Mystery of the Forge!  Aquaman, The Flash and more of DC’s pantheon of heroes suspect Batman of hiding a dark secret that could threaten the very existence of the multiverse!  It’s an epic that will span generations, but how does it connect to the origins of one of DC’s most legendary heroes?
The great comics event of summer 2017 is about to begin courtesy of superstar writers Scott Snyder and James Tynion III and illustrated by a master class of comics artists including Andy Kubert, Jim Lee and John Romita Jr.!  You do not want to miss Dark Days: The Forge #1!

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Because it’s Monday again, it’s the Monday Update for Wednesday 6/7/2017!

This is the Monday Update!

The epic conclusion to DC’s Dark Knight III is here from the all-star creative team of Frank Miller, Brian Azzarello, Andy Kubert and Klaus Janson!  This is Earth’s last stand.  Quar’s Kryptonian Army has conquered the planet, but Batman and his allies don’t believe the world is beyond saving.  They’ll rally once more against Quar and save the world or die trying! It’s the issue we’ve all been waiting for –Dark Knight III: The Master Race #9!
When Wonder Woman saved Steve Trevor from dying on the shores of Themiscyra, his life-and hers-changed forever!  In this special issue, learn more about the tumultuous partnership these two have had over the years…and get a hint at where it’s going in the future!  Have these two finally admitted they’re meant for each other?  Or do the Fates have other ideas?  Find out in Wonder Woman Steve Trevor #1!
Red Tool is done waiting for Harley to take him seriously. The poor sap’s hopelessly in love with her, and it’s time he made his move!  Unfortunately, he’s picked a moment of peak distraction for Harley!  “Red Roses” begins in Harley Quinn #21!
Bane’s been captured by the charismatic cult leader Damocles, the man building a criminal empire to rival his own!  Just ask anyone from his childhood home of Peña Duro…trying to keep Bane in a prison rarely ends well!  See Bane continue to dominate in Bane : Conquest #2!

George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire saga continues in the official comic book adaptation from Dynamite Entertainment!  Following the events of A Game of Thrones, Westeros is embroiled in civil war, while Daenerys Targaryen — as heir to the Targaryen dynasty, seeks to reclaim the Iron Throne.  Arya, with the help of Yoren, a brother of the Night’s Watch, has escaped from King’s Landing, but the road to the Wall brings its own dangers.  Meanwhile, Sansa attends a tournament on the sadistic King Joffrey’s name-day, and Bran, in Winterfell, suffers from strange dreams of wolves… all in Game of Thrones Clash of Kings #1!
Vampirella kills it every night on stage as a member of the all-girl rock group Witchkraft – defending rock ‘n’ roll from a dying scene.  Help arrives in the form of four creatures who’ve just flown into town: Starchild, Demon, Spaceman and Catman.  KISS/Vampirella #1 takes these demons across LA, and drawn into a conspiracy that threatens to kill rock ‘n’ roll itself!
Magnus #1 provides a world with artificial intelligences. Rather than becoming our overlords, they have settled into an uneasy symbiosis with humanity.  They work for us as our colleagues and servants, earning vacation time they spend in a boundless digital universe running on human-maintained server farms.  Not all AI’s are cool with the deal.  Enter Magnus – a human psychologist tasked with navigating both worlds in order to bring recalcitrant AI’s back into productive society.

Ashli’s first day as a nurse at Wiermont Psychiatric Hospital turns into a nightmare , as a bloody riot sends her fleeing into the bowels of the hospital.  Her descent takes her to a hellish world populated by lunatics and monsters, cloaked in a secret history of black magic and heinous scientific experiments. Join Cullen Bunn on this new crazy journey in The Unsound #1 from BOOM!

Marvel takes it easy and brings us only one Secret Empire book!  Steve Rogers, Captain America, Liberty’s most dedicated defender is actually the Supreme Leader of Hydra!  Faced with this adversity, the world’s heroes have two choices: stand and fight or fall in line.  See how Earth’s protectors come to grips in this earth-shattering revelation -Secret Empire Brave New World #1! 
Bobby Drake has been in the super hero game longer than most.  While reflecting on what he’s accomplished over the years, he realizes that the legacy he’s built is a few good one-liners and a string of failed relationships.  Not only that, but now a younger version of himself has emerged from the timestream and he’s more put together than Bobby ever was: already a world-class hero in his own right, and  totally comfortable in his own skin, complete with a relationship with a handsome Inhuman to boot! In Iceman #1, Bobby realizes that the time is never or now, and sets out to build a life and legacy he can be proud of!
The culmination of Jason Aaron and Chris Bachalo’s first three epic stories is here in Doctor Strange #20!  Dormammu!  Mordo!  Mr. Misery!  The Empirikul!  Wong!  Don’t miss this remarkable issue!
The conclusion of Wasp’s first story arc comes to a head in Unstoppable Wasp #6!  The clock is ticking and both Nadia and Ying’s lives are in the balance.  Can the geniuses of G.I.R.L. come up with a way to outsmart the Red Room, or will Nadia’s adventure be cut short as she’s forced to go back to the bunker?

Now the Spotlight of the Week!

The most fearsome villain of all time returns in Star Wars Darth Vader #1!  When Anakin Skywalker fell, both to the pull of the dark side and to the blade of Obi-Wan Kenobi, he rose back up, more machine than man.  Having lost everything that was once dear to him, the former chosen one must take his first steps into a darker world…as Darth Vader, Dark Lord of the Sith!  Join Vader as he learns a new way – the way of Darth Sidious and his newly formed Empire…from Marvel!

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It’s Memorial Day! It’s a time to remember! It’s a time to barbecue! It’s the Monday Update for Wednesday 5/31/2017!

This is the Monday Update!

The finale to the epic DC crossover is here, with consequences of which will be felt for years to come!  What does the future hold for the Titans teams after this game-changing run-in with their greatest enemy?  Find out here as we set the stage for the next era of Titans, Teen Titans and Deathstroke!  “The Lazarus Contract” concludes in the Teen Titan Lazarus Contract Special #1!
You don’t betray Ra’s al Ghul and legendary sorceress Circe and just walk away.  That’s what Lex Luthor is about to learn the hard way.  Now, he has to unite with his former Justice League teammates if he wants to stay alive.  Meanwhile, the Trinity fear this ordeal will push Lex back to the dark side in Trinity Annual #1!
Wonder Woman Annual #1 will feature four tales by a variety of artists and writers including the team behind “Year One”!  First, in the days after “Year One,” Diana comes face to face with Superman and Batman for the first time!  Then, Wonder Woman has to go to the nation of Markovia and stop King Shark from being executed for a crime he did not commit!  In the third story, an old ally of Steve Trevor’s has summoned Wonder Woman to his village to save it from his cursed monster form.  In this annual’s final tale, Wonder Woman assists A.R.G.U.S in bringing down a large Kaiju monster that’s on its way to the American coastline but will Wonder Woman change alliances once the monster starts speaking a language she understands?
Barry Allen is at a crossroads.  He’s lied to the woman he loves about his life as The Flash, and a rift is growing between him and his heroic young partner.  Now, his greatest enemy has threatened to strike down everyone close to him!  It’s time to make a tough choice that will launch The Flash into his most incredible mission yet: a siege on the 25th century stronghold of Eobard Thawne!  The “Running Scared” prelude begins in Flash #23!

Do you accept the life you’ve been handed, or do you step into the unknown, even as it leads you into the shadows?  In this new anthology series from Image Comics and Dustin Weaver, the characters in three mind-bending stories find themselves faced with this question.  Step into the unknown.  Journey into the shadows.  There you’ll find Paklis #1!

Enter the terrifying and unpredictable comic series based on one of the most hotly-anticipated games of 2017 from Titan!  Little Nightmares #1 follows Six, a young girl in a yellow raincoat, as she explores the horrifying world of The Maw, looking for a way out!

The future of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers starts here in Boom! Studios’ Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Annual #1!  As Tommy makes a choice that will have huge consequences for the team; Mighty Morphin Black Power Rangers from all across dimensions meet to face off against a deadly foe; and secret origins are revealed!

Under constant attack from wave after wave of invading Chitauri aliens, Captain Marvel, and the deep space task force under her command, is waging a war of attrition – one they may not be able to survive!  Back on Earth, things aren’t looking too rosy for Hawkeye and his band of renegade heroes, either! Secret Empire #3 continues throwing the Marvel Universe for a spin!
It’s time for the Secret Empire Breakdown!
•Captain America Sam Wilson #22- In a world that’s undergone dramatic changes, Sam Wilson takes to the skies again!  What is the mission that brings Sam back out from the shadows?
•Deadpool #31- Deadpool trusts Steve Rogers implicitly.  How could he not?  Now, it’s time to put that trust to the test. The result will have serious ramifications for Deadpool in days to com
•Doctor Strange #21- New York City is under attack by dark forces, and only Doctor Strange has a shot at saving it, but it’s quite a longshot!
•Secret Empire Uprising #1- A crucial Secret Empire tie-in that bridges issues #3 and #4!  There’s a new order to things in the world, but it’s not one that everybody agrees with!  What is there left to do about it?  The Black Widow has a dangerous plan-but to carry it out, she’ll need the help of the young heroes of the Marvel Universe, and it will require them to cross a line they never thought they would!

Now the Spotlight of the Week!

Walk softly and carry a big gun with Cable #1 from Marvel!  See the mighty mutant return on a brand-new mission…with all of time in the balance!  When Cable picks up the trail of a threat in the timestream, he sets off on a high-speed, history-spanning chase to save reality as we know it! From prehistory to modern day, whether it’s a six-gun duel at high noon or a high-tech sword fight in an ancient land, Cable is the only man who can keep history from unraveling!

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It’s Spring! It’s Summer! It’s Spring! It’s the Monday Update for Wednesday 5/24/2017!

This is the Monday Update!

Batman and Xenos work on the Secret Sanctuary while the Ray and Vixen perform community outreach.  It’s not all fun and games for DC’s newest superhero team, as the Atom and Killer Frost face off against the Terrorsmith ,while Lobo and Black Canary come to blows in a casino caper!  It’s all capped off in Justice League of America #7 with a moment fans have been waiting for since DC Universe: Rebirth!
Batgirl races to free Burnside from Ethan’s plot…but has Burnside already changed too much to be saved?  Even if she manages to save the day, will Barbara ever be able to truly go home again?  “Son of Penguin” concludes in Batgirl #11!
The battle with the evil entity that’s been lurking under El Paso for thousands of years reaches its penultimate chapter with Blue Beetle #9!  Jaime Reyes has wanted nothing more than to rid himself of the scarab on his back.  In order to save his city, his family and his friends, he must decide whether to become Blue Beetle again-only this time, the change will be permanent!
Both Superman and the Revenge Squad must traverse the deadly Black Vault in a race against time to reach General Zod in Action Comics #980!  Amanda Waller’s secret Kryptonian weapon reveals himself to the world, but Cyborg Superman and Eradicator move in to recruit him.  Tying directly into the events of this month’s Suicide Squad issues-  no matter who wins in this epic showdown, it spells certain doom for the Last Son of Krypton!

IDW’s Saucer State #1 is the sequel to and the conclusion of the Hugo Award nominated Saucer Country.  She was abducted by aliens!  Now she’s the President!  She’s going to use the power of that office to find out what really happened.  Will they let her?  It’s House of Cards does The X-Files.  It’s a bulletin from the brightest timeline.  She will break the world to find who hurt her!  New readers can start here!

Image’s Dying and the Dead is back after a very long hiatus!  We look back on the glory days of the Colonel and crew as they chase a lost artifact through the burning ruins of a fallen city in conquered Japan.  The best new book of the year picks up in The Dying and the Dead #4, The Good Old Days.
Also from Image is Samaritan Veritas #1!  A woman with a vendetta decides she’s going to take down the largest military contractor in the world and has the means and a plan that just might work.  How do you bankrupt one of the richest, most technologically advanced and successful companies in the world?  You steal all their research and give it away to everyone.  Can she survive long enough to pull it off with the entire U.S. government trying to kill her?

On a scarred landscape, two otherworldly armies prepare to battle one last time, vying for control of a massive tower named from an ancient language no longer permitted to be spoken.  One army is led by a primeval force named Babel, whose goal is singular: to breach “Heaven” no matter the cost.  The only thing standing in his way is a gray-haired barbaric warrior, filled with rage and regret, a man who sees this battle as his last chance for redemption.  Enter Tama: A 12-year old girl on the crest of a hill overlooking the battle, who has just become humanity’s only hope!  The last in an ancient line of mystics who protect the Earth, she has foreseen this battle and knows millions will perish if she’s unable to stop it.  Now Tama and her ragtag team of malcontents – Ninjak, Shadowman and Punk Mambo – must somehow defeat an elder god hell bent on piercing the heavens.  Valiant’s next big event is here with Rapture #1!

Groot is back in his own Marvel solo series!  When the Guardians of the Galaxy get caught in a wormhole, a smaller-than-normal Groot is separated billions of light-years away from the team.  Falling to a planet below, Groot discovers he is on an entirely alien and unknown world full of strange creatures and societies.  Seriously underdeveloped and with nobody who can understand him, Groot will need to make the journey to the center of this world and find the way back to his family.  Groot is smaller and better than ever in I Am Groot #1!
Having narrowly escaped an assassin, Peter Quill has crash-landed on a desert planet.  There, he finds a small town that’s terrorized by a mean, old varmint.   Not willing to take any bullies lying down, Peter has to rally the townspeople to stand up for themselves.  It turns out there’s more to this town than meets the eye!  Don’t miss out on Star-Lord Annual #1!

It’s time for the Secret Empire Breakdown!

Secret Warriors #2- When Karnak reveals what he believes to be S.H.I.E.L.D.’s true motivation for imprisoning the Inhumans, Quake finds a new sense of direction for her mission…
Mighty Captain Marvel #5- The Chitauri fleet has nearly reached Earth space and it’s up to Captain Marvel to stop it.  Taking on an entire armada of alien spacecraft is a tall order for Carol and the crew of Alpha Flight Space Station!
•Steve Rogers Captain America #17- In Cap We Trust!  Steve Rogers does a television interview as the Hydra Supreme!  Everyone should be interest in the things he has to say.

Now the Spotlight of the Week!

Eddie Brock and the Venom symbiote have been reunited, and they’re web-slinging their way around New York again!  Featuring a host of Venom creators from the character’s near 30-year history, this  monstrous anniversary spectacular welcomes guest artist Tradd Moore for an oversized and brutal main story, and a lethal story, featuring fan-favorite creators David Michelinie and Ron Lim, reunited!  With questions still lingering about how the symbiote was separated from Flash Thompson, and what lies in its future now that it’s reunited with Eddie Brock, Venom #150 is one issue from Marvel you can’t afford to miss!

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Treat Yourself to a Morning Break, it’s the Monday Update for Wednesday 5/17/2017!

This is the Monday Update!

DC’s Trinity is trapped in the Justice League Watchtower, and there’s a traitor in their midst!  No one is what they seem as our heroes fight back against their own home turf!  “All Along the Watchtower” starts in Trinity #9!
You’ve seen her story begin to unfold in prior issues…who in the world is Bat-Fan, and why does she think Harley Quinn must die to save existence itself?!  “Future Kill” starts a whole bunch of time traveling goodness in Harley Quinn #20!
Beleaguered by ceaseless conflict with the surface world and rising frustration with their outsider king, the people of Atlantis take steps to depose Arthur from his throne.  Of course he won’t let go without a fight!  The next major movement of the Aquaman saga begins here in Aquaman #23!
As Green Arrow discovers the Ninth’s Circle’s true plan for Seattle, so too does Oliver Queen learn the truth about his family’s ancient role in the city’s coming destruction.  Shocking secrets are laid bare as the biggest Green Arrow story ever drives toward its epic conclusion!  Do not miss out on Green Arrow #23!
There’s a covert action team out in the wild, and I.O. has proof of it for the first time.  This changes everything!  The woman who tipped the first domino in this cascade of secrets and lies is on the run. The other great power of the hidden world is on the scene.  Henry Bendix is noticing things from on high, and that doesn’t bode well for I.O., Angela Spica or the planet.  The storm is building in Wild Storm #4!

Dynamite’s epic that will redefine the Gold Key heroes continues!  The year is 2025, Turok has gone missing ,and Magnus is good and worried. When even a time traveling mission to confer with Doctor Spektor and the creature once known as Solar don’t yield any answers, Magnus must brave the unknown to track the missing hero down in Sovereigns #1!  Plus: An all-new Magnus backup by Kyle Higgins and Jorge Fornés that sets the stage for next month’s big announcement!

Jim Mahfood debuts his first new creator-owned work in years with the glorious return of Grrl Scouts #1 from Image Comics!  Join Gwen, Daphne, and Rita as they reunite for a pulse-pounding psychedelic adventure through the streets of Freak City.  This first issue is stuffed to the gills with an action-packed story, bonus art, soundtrack, sketchbook, and behind-the-scenes artwork!  Plus, a variant cover by the one and only Skottie Young!

Dr. Noah Burstein, the man who made Luke Cage into the unbreakable hero he is today, is dead.  When Luke goes down to New Orleans for the funeral, he finds The Big Easy to be pretty difficult.  Mysterious billionaires, a woman with a secret, amped-up gangs and a shadowy figure all lead Luke to the conclusion that there’s more to his father-figure’s death than meets the eye.  He’s looking for answers, and it’s a bad day for anyone in his way!  Marvel brings back Power-man in Luke Cage #1!
The Xavier Institute for Mutant Education and Outreach has opened its doors and is ready to foster the next generation of heroes and diplomats!  This time around, the X-Men recognize an unfortunate truth: not all mutants are created equal.  Some mutants are not made to fight Sentinels or serve as ambassadors on behalf of their kind.  Some mutants will just be lucky to survive another day in a world that hates and fears them.  And who better to mentor mutantkind’s lovable losers than perpetual sidekick Jubilee?  Will Jubilee and the misfits survive the experience?  Find out in Generation X #1!
Black Bolt’s secret is revealed in Royals #3!  Journey back through time to discover the hidden histories of the House of Boltagon…and forward to the far future, to solve the mystery of “The Last Inhuman”!

It’s that time again!  Along with Marvel’s big event comes tie-ins!  This is the Secret Empire Breakdown!

•Secret Empire #2- Shrouded in darkness, plagued by the minions of Baron Mordo and cut off from all assistance, The Defenders and Doctor Strange struggle to save the lives of the innocent people consigned to this hell on Earth!  Will Dagger prove to be the key to stopping this nightmare?

•Ultimates Squared #7-  As Steve Rogers makes his move, the Ultimates find themselves on the wrong side of his plans.  With an existential threat in control of Earth, Galactus might be their last hope…but the Lifebringer has problems of his own!

•U.S. Avengers #6- Steve Rogers shoots to kill, and A.I.M. is the target!  As Roberto Da Costa’s dreams come crashing down, can the U.S.Avengers stay in one piece?  Plus: Are they actually going to kill Cannonball?

Now the Spotlight of the Week!

Nothing lives forever, be it man, god, or empire, but that doesn’t mean you have to go quietly.  Join us as Lucifer refuses to fiddle while the Roman Empire burns.  Image Comics’  critically acclaimed Wicked + Divine inevitably vandalizes history as it turns to the Sack of Rome with The Wicked + The Divine 455 A.D. One -Shot!  Showcasing the epic art of André Lima Araújo, this special is not included in the forthcoming fifth volume of The Wicked + The Divine!

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