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About Us

With so many comic shops closing up, collectors are feeling abandoned. Have no fear, dear friends. The Joker's Child, Inc. has been an industry leader since 1988 and continues to thrive as a quality service provider for your collecting needs.


The Joker's Child was established by Caren & Len Katz on a dark & stormy night in 1988. Nurtured & lovingly raised by his two proprietors, The Joker's Child rapidly matured into a comic retail industry leader.


Today, The Joker's Child offers the best selection of current & back issues for all major and independent comic labels. In addition to buying & selling old & new comics, The Joker's Child also carries an extremely large variety of magazines, Japanese animation, cards, anime, statues, action figures, models, toys & collectibles. Our warehouse is action packed with every possible title you could desire, and anything not in stock is merely a short order away (our staff is always happy to serve).

As an added bonus to our customers, you'll never miss an issue with our computerized Comic Reserve Service. Just give us your list and we'll take care of the rest. We buy and sell everything, so stop by today and let us help you with your collection.

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