Get Ready for the Quick Draw , it’s the Monday Update for Wednesday 8/24/16!


Generation Zero #1This is the Monday Update!

DC’s teen with the Sacred Scarab is back in Blue Beetle Rebirth #1!  Lost in the desert with no memory of the past few years, teenager Jaime Reyes must find his way home again, but when he reaches his town, he’s shocked to find it abandoned and in the hands of government officials…officials who are very interested in the Blue Beetle and the scarab that gives him his power!  How can Jaime find his family and uncover the secret behind the town’s seizure-and why Kord Industries is helping keep the world from learning the truth?
“The Professional” starts in Deathstroke #1!  Deathstroke’s latest contract takes him to a war-torn African country, where he finds himself caught in the middle of a disintegrating alliance between a ruthless dictator and a deadly super-villain.  With an entire nation at stake, Slade Wilson must choose between fulfilling his contract and saving an old friend.
London may have recovered from Constantine’s return, but he hasn’t.  Mercury hasn’t forgiven him, but she won’t leave him alone, and Swamp Thing is calling in a favor.  All the while, bigger things are brewing.  “The Poison Truth” begins in Hellblazer #1!
After the events of All-Star Section Eight, Sixpack is fighting to keep what’s left of his team together.  Dog Welder has gone in search of his past, while newlyweds Bueno Excellente and Guts are dealing with some fidelity issues.  Could Section Eight be done for good?  Everything changes when a mysterious trenchcoat-wearing chain smoker offers our favorite dog enthusiast some clues about his true nature.  Is Dog Welder everything he seems?  Or is he meant for something greater?  From the mind of Garth Ennis comes Six Pack and Dog Welder Hard Travelin Heroez #1!

After thirteen years in prison, a Chinese gunslinger named Kingsway Law just wants to find his wife.  In a fantastical American Old West , crackling with magic, monsters, and racist vigilantes, trouble just won’t leave him be.  In this case, trouble is a woman with a magic sword who needs his help.  Dark Horse and Greg Pak bring us Kingsway West #1!

The year is 1938 and a viral weapon is being developed that will rival even Tesla’s lightning weapon designs!  Cue Atomic Robo, Jack Tarot, secret government agencies, moon men, magical arctic circle elves, jetlagged aliens, elderly rights activists, youngling laborers, and the manifestation of human hope to help save the day!  Atomic Robo blows things up in a blast-from-the-past adventure!  Part of IDW’s five-week Creator Visions event comes Atomic Robo and the Temple of Od #1!
Move over dinosaurs… monsters used to rule the planet!  Travel to different time periods to examine the origin of myths that fuel nightmares!  In this first installment, Godzilla brings his terror to feudal Japan!  From the creators who brought you the smash-hit Godzilla in Hell!  Every issue will see a new creative team of monstrous talent in Godzilla Rage Across Time #1!

It is 1220 AD, and the gears of the Albigensian Crusade grind on.  When an alien mining-craft infested with a horde of bloodthirsty predators crash-lands in the remote wilderness of the French Pyrenees, a small band of crusaders and a Cathar heretic are all that stand between God’s Kingdom and Hell on Earth.  Lake of Fire #1 from Image Comics is one of the many new titles you don’t wanna miss!

Civil War II is still burning through the Marvel Universe and everyone is affected!  Here’s the Civil War II Breakdown!

•Captain America Steve Rogers #4- With war on the horizon, Steve attempts to broker a truce between Iron Man and Captain Marvel.

•Captain Marvel #8- No time for second-guessing, Captain Marvel is determined to change the future to protect the present.  With wins on her side, Carol knows her mission is the right thing to do, but does everyone else?

•Civil War II Ulysses #1- How did Ulysses join the Inhumans?  What difficult journey did he have to go through to master his powers?  Find out in this Civil War II Prelude!

•Deadpool #17- Remember when Deadpool’s inner monologues were at war?  Now, one of those voices is out and about…revealed as Madcap!

•New Avengers #15- Jailbreak at 20,000 feet! A.I.M.’s science team swings into action to free a New Avenger from S.H.I.E.L.D.!  Are they being played?  Will their mistake cost Roberto Da Costa his life?  Meanwhile, as CIVIL WAR II kicks into high gear, the Maker goes to Plan B – total conquest of the USA!

•Venom Space Knight #11- Venom versus the Amazing Spider-Man!  Secrets, symbiotes and superiority!  Flash and his hero have enough to fight about without the conflict that’s tearing the Marvel Universe apart!

Now the Spotlight of the Week!

Exploding out of the pages of Harbinger Wars comes Generation Zero #1 from Valiant!  If you have a problem… If your parents won’t help… And if your cause is worthy… Log onto network #ZERO… because Generation Zero is listening.
Years ago, the children of the experimental strike team known as Generation Zero were taken from their families by Project Rising Spirit, a private weapons contractor, and raised to be psychic soldiers.  After years of taking orders, they have fought for and won their freedom.  Now, the world’s most wanted teenagers have pledged to protect each other tooth and claw, while using their extraordinary abilities to right wrongs for a generation without a future.

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Stay Cool and Take it Easy, It’s the Monday Update for Wednesday 8/17/2016!

Briggs Land #1This is the Monday Update!

Supergirl turns to the shadowy organization known as the D.E.O. (Department of Extranormal Operations) to restore her lost powers once and for all!  As a fateful experiment sends Kara Zor-El rocketing toward the sun, disaster strikes at home in the form of the lost Kryptonian werewolf Lar-On!  All the epic action of the brand new Supergirl series starts here in DC’s Supergirl Rebirth #1!
Who Is Oracle?  Someone has stolen the name Oracle right out of Barbara Gordon’s past!  Hot on this false Oracle’s trail, Batgirl, Black Canary, and Huntress are all tracking the same mafia capo…so it makes sense to team up, right?  Problem is, Barbara and Dinah need the secrets locked up in Oracle’s brain…and Helena Bertinelli would rather put a crossbow bolt right through it!  Tensions are high in Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #1!
When a mysterious and definitely super-important cosmic item falls out of the heavens and into enemy hands, America has only one option: Task Force X, Amanda Waller’s strike team of incarcerated super-criminals.  A one-stop-shop for plausibly deniable espionage and ultra- violence, this “Suicide Squad” only handles missions they’re not expected to survive.  An insane new era of Suicide Squad begins here with superstar artist Jim Lee and red-hot writer Rob Williams. “The Black Vault” begins in Suicide Squad #1!
“The Extinction Machine” continues in Justice League #3!  The hive-mind entities known as the Awakened take their vendetta against the Justice League to the next level by changing ordinary people into grotesque monsters bent on hunting down super-humans all over the world.  Meanwhile, Superman journeys to the center of the earth to stop the catastrophic quakes that are taking lives all over the world.

Detective Scott Graves will do anything to protect his family… even bargain away his soul.  Now, the only thing to fear isn’t New York’s worst criminals, but what’s already raging inside of him.  After all, what’s the cost of your soul when it’s already damaged?  New from Image Comics is Demonic #1!
Do you have a favorite hero?! Better change it… they’re dead!  If you ever wondered who the strongest hero is, this book answers it!  It’s Spawn, and he kills every hero in Spawn Kills Everyone #1!

Ready? Next Up Marvel’s Civil War II Breakdown!

•Fallen #1- As a giant falls, friends and enemies alike gather to mourn his passing.  Amadeus Cho, Rick Jones, Betty Ross, Thunderbolt Ross, the Warbound and more.  Can they all keep a level head, or will some of them get angry?  Plus, what secrets lie in the Last Will and Testament of Bruce Banner?

•Mockingbird #6- A top secret mission on behalf of an old friend, a tropical cruise. What could go wrong?  Turns out it’s a theme cruise – super-hero themed, naturally – a floating comic con.  Now Bobbi is trapped on a boat with a thousand cosplayers, caped colleagues she was trying to avoid, an ex-boyfriend who keeps showing up at inopportune times and a rampaging herd of corgis.  When a passenger is murdered, Bobbi must play Hercule Poirot to find the killer and confront some uncomfortable truths from her past in the process.

•All-New Wolverine #11- Destiny comes knocking for Wolverine!  Laura Kinney has fought all her life to avoid a destiny she did not want.  She has fought against instincts that would make her nothing more than a weapon to be used by others, instead becoming a hero.  Now, destiny intrudes again, this time threatening those dearest to her.  With a super hero Civil War tearing her world apart, is there any hope that Wolverine will emerge victorious?  Or will she finally succumb to destiny?

•Power Man and Iron Fist #7- The Iron Fist is behind Iron Bars!  Danny and Luke are on the same side, but predictive justice vigilantes “Preemtive Strike” split them up!  Will Danny’s new criminal allies protect him from all his old criminal enemies?

•Spider-Woman #10- Jessica Drew is a hard-boiled private eye who’s got a newborn baby, so she’s trying to steer clear of this whole “Civil War” thing.  But when a startling new case lands in her lap, keeping herself out of the conflict becomes impossible…and so does taking Carol’s side of things.

•Ultimates #10- The one thing that could tear the Ultimates apart forever is inside a briefcase…and someone just opened it!  Meanwhile, Thanos is ready to strike.  And he has an ally…

Now the Spotlight of the Week!

Briggs Land, nearly a hundred square miles of rural wilderness, contains the largest antigovernment secessionist movement in the United States.  When matriarch Grace Briggs wrests control of the operation from her incarcerated husband, she sparks a war within the community, and her immediate family-that threatens to bring the full power of the federal government down on their heads!  This book is perfect for fans of Sons of Anarchy and Justified!  Briggs Land #1 from Dark Horse Comics is already in development for an AMC TV show, so get a taste now!

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It’s Hot! It’s Humid! It’s the Monday Update for Wednesday 8/10/2016!

We now have Star Trek Mission New York tickets for this september 2-4, at the Javits center. With One of the greatest assemblies of star trek guests ever. This is a show not to be missed. If you are a trek fan of any stripe, You need to be there. More On Facebook !

Black Monday Murders #1This is the Monday Update!

The DC book that everyone has been waiting for is here!  Superstar writer Scott Snyder explodes into an all-new Batman series alongside legendary artist John Romita Jr., reimagining some of the Dark Knight’s greatest villains!  First up: Two-Face!  Batman must take Two-Face to a destination out of Gotham City, but the duplicitous villain has a two of spades up his sleeve.  Every assassin, bounty hunter and ordinary citizen with something to hide is on their tails with one goal: kill Batman!  Handcuffed together on the road to hell, this is Batman and Two-Face as you’ve never seen them before!  “My Own Worst Enemy” begins in All-Star Batman #1!
A thousand enemies, a thousand kills. Deathstroke is the world’s greatest assassin.  Stalked by an unseen foe, Slade Wilson is confronted by his own troubled past and challenged to reinvent himself before he loses everything and everyone in his life.  Can Deathstroke be redeemed, or will his addiction to violence destroy him ? -It’s  Deathstroke Rebirth #1!
When a turf war puts Black Mask in Red Hood’s crosshairs, Jason discovers that the False Face Society is not what it seems, and that the organization is about to auction off a powerful weapon.  As criminals from all over the globe descend on Gotham City, Jason must prove that he belongs amongst the city’s worst in order to gain access to this Dark Summit!  “Dark Trinity” takes control in Red Hood and the Outlaws #1!
You really want more Suicide Squad?!!  From the pages of Suicide Squad comes an all-new series featuring two of the team’s most infamous heroes, El Diablo and Boomerang!  First, a sudden pardon frees the fiery El Diablo from Belle Reve prison, much to the shock (and irritation) of team leader Amanda Waller.  Meanwhile, in the first chapter of a two-part tale, Boomerang and the Squad embark on a mission to take down a ruthless dictator within a small, unstable Central American nation. When the mission goes awry, the Squad must jump in a helicopter and flee as all hell breaks loose.  Let the craziness ensue in Suicide Squad’s Most Wanted: El Diablo and Boomerang #1!
Who Is Superwoman?  Lois Lane takes flight in Superwoman #1!  Now powered up with the abilities of Superman, Lois pledges to carry on the super-legacy as Superwoman!  There’s only one problem: Lois’ new powers are killing her, and neither she nor her friend and confidant Lana Lang know what to do about it.  Will Lois even survive long enough to learn the deadly secret of Ultra Woman?

The Colonial Marines join forces with the survivors of the Fire and Stone story cycle and make a fateful decision to steal the Engineer’s ship.  Now a second Engineer has awakened, and he’s on the hunt for humans!  Follow Dark Horse’s Life and Death storyline in Prometheus Life and Death #3!

Archer and Armstrong are on the hunt for Armstrong’s long-lost wife, and the clues have put them on the trail of America’s craziest traveling circus!  It’s not just clowns, carnies, and strongmen lurking under the big top… When the world’s premier adventure duo discover dozens of mutated Armstrong doppelgängers secretly running the show, all heck is bound to break loose!  It’s only going to get worse when Davey the Mackerel returns with a shocking new set of secrets about Armstrong’s bottomless satchel…and what else might be soon plotting its escape!  Valiant’s A+A #6 is the perfect jumping on point for a fun and crazy adventure!

Marvel’s King of the Dead has a lot on his plate!  As Zenzi and The People poison the citizens of Wakanda against the Black Panther, a cabal of nation-breakers is assembled.  With his allies dwindling, T’Challa must rely on his elite secret police, the Hatut Zeraze, and fellow Avenger Eden Fesi, a.k.a. Manifold!  Meanwhile, Shuri’s spirit journeys through The Djalia…but what awaits her there?  “A Sword For Lions” starts now in Black Panther #5!
You’ve dreamed of it, you’ve asked for it, you’ve longed for it, and now, you’re going to get it!  No Avenger is safe from – the fan fiction of Kamala Khan!  Featuring a bevy of special guest creators, see what Ms. Marvel really thinks about her peers in the All New All Different Avengers Annual #1!

The drama is spreading all over the Marvel Universe, and this is your one stop to follow it all!  Here’s the Civil War II Breakdown!

•Accused #1– It’s the trial of the century!  As a beloved Avenger falls, another takes the stand to answer for his death.  As Hawkeye stands trial amid a case full of super heroes and politics – who will prosecute?  None other than Matt Murdock – Daredevil!  When Matt digs into the case and secrets come to light…he may not like what he finds.  Has Daredevil bitten off more than he can chew?  In the midst of a growing conspiracy, can the Marvel Universe’s most stalwart defender of justice promise a fair trial?  The answers won’t come easy.

•A-Force #8- Civil War has come to A-Force!  As the team is wrecked by a personal tragedy, a predictive vision proclaims one of A-Force is a murderer.  Captain Marvel attempts an arrest, creating a rift that may very well mean the end of the team, and setting in motion a chain of devastating events that affect far more than just A-Force.

•Spider-Man 2099 #13- 2099 is in peril and Roberta Mendez. A.K.A. Captain America, has returned to the future to find her family.  Little does she know that the heroes of the future are being hunted.  Could this be the end of 2099 as Miguel knows it?

•Scarlet Witch #9- When Wanda’s brother Pietro comes to visit, it’s not the happy family reunion they imagined.  Pietro recruits Wanda to help him in the Civil War…but what happens when the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver are on opposing sides?

•All New All Different Avengers #13- Convinced that he has chosen the right side in the war, the Vision undertakes a manhunt through time in order to stop one of Earth’s greatest evils!

•Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. #8- Phil Coulson, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. no more!  Coulson has chosen a side in this war…his own!  The Third Faction begins here! You are not going to want to miss this seismic-change issue.

Vader is lost in his inner mindscape, lost in visions of the Force!  Is he truly more machine now than man? Can he fight his way back from the brink?  Darth Vader #24 leads up to the big finale of this Darth Vader series!

Now the Spotlight of the Week!

All hail God Money!  From Jonathan Hickman and Tomm Coker comes a new crypto-noir series about the power of dirty, filthy money… and exactly what kind of people you can buy with it.  The Black Monday Murders #1 from Image Comics is classic occultism , where the various schools of magic are actually clandestine banking cartels who control all of society: a secret world where vampire Russian oligarchs, Black popes, enchanted American aristocrats, and hitmen from the International Monetary Fund work together to keep ALL OF US in our proper place.

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Assemble the Squad , It’s the Monday Update for Wednesday 8/3/2016!

Kill Or Be Killed #1This is the Monday Update!

Just in time for the Suicide Squad movie, DC releases 2 new titles you won’t  want to miss!  Welcome back to Harley Quinn’s crazy world on Coney Island…now get ready to wave goodbye, because everyone there just might get eaten alive!  Harley’s gotta protect her neighborhood against an all-out zombie apocalypse!  Break out the chainsaws everybody and get ready for Harley Quinn #1!
Soldier.  War hero.  Traitor.  Captain Rick Flag was one of America’s greatest military commanders before he was banished to a secret military prison.  After years of isolation, Flag’s life changes forever when a woman named Amanda Waller offers him redemption in exchange for taking on the single most dangerous job in the entire DC Universe: keeping the Suicide Squad alive!  Setting up the new series is Suicide Squad Rebirth #1!
When Gotham City falls prey to true evil, will Batman be abandoned by the new heroes Gotham and Gotham Girl?  The Dark Knight must decide who to entrust with the safety of his beloved city if he hopes for any of its citizens to survive.  “I Am Gotham” pushes on in Batman #4!
There’s no escaping the rage that grows around the world, as new Green Lanterns Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz confront Bleez.  With no training, no backup , and no way out, the Green Lantern Corps partners also find themselves out of options in Green Lanterns #4!
Aquaman is arrested for a war crime he didn’t commit: ordering an Atlantean terrorist attack on the surface, killing hundreds!  The young king is willing to sit behind bars if it means peace between two worlds, but one ally is determined to break Aquaman out, no matter the cost: his girlfriend Mera!  “The Drowning” continues in Aquaman #4!

The Schuller family has moved to Cocoa Beach, Florida, where life carries on as usual.  Josie continues to juggle Tupperware parties, her kids, and a few human heads.  However, when someone from her past tails her on a hit, she may be in for more than she bargained for. The killer housewife is back in Lady Killer 2 #1 from Dark Horse Comics!

The thrilling conclusion of Marvel’s “Last Days of Magic” is here in Doctor Strange #10!  The Sorcerer Supreme must learn some new tricks and utilize new weapons if he’s to defeat the Empirikul!  Witness the status quo shift of the Sorcerer Supreme!
In case you’ve been living under a rock, Tsum Tsums are huge!  Well, not literally (they’re actually pretty tiny) but these seemingly cute and cuddly creatures are sweeping the globe!  So what happens when these pint-sized piles of fur find their way into the Marvel Universe?  After a crate of them falls to Earth en route to The Collector, one small group of Brooklyn teenagers will find out!  Featuring all of your favorite Marvel heroes and villains, Marvel Tsum-Tsum #1 is a great new All Ages book!

Civil War II is still blazing through the Marvel Universe!  Here’s the Civil War II Breakdown!
•Civil War II Kingpin #2- Despite the heroes’ new future-seeing ally, the crime business is treating Wilson Fisk very well.  So well, in fact, that his jealous competitors are murdering the Kingpin’s men.  To make matters worse, the linchpin of Fisk’s operation – an inhuman with the uncanny ability to stay incognito – is getting ill.  Can the Kingpin find a way to keep his business afloat or is his time on top finally finished?
•Deadpool #16- What is one of the most important questions that hasn’t been answered yet in Civil War II?  Well don’t worry , in this issue we finally find out how Deadpool became so popular!
•Uncanny Inhumans #12- With the Inhumans taking on the Invincible Iron Man, Maximus the Mad enters into the fray to make matters worse!
•Invincible Iron Man #12-  A heartbreaking chapter in the history of Iron Man as the events of Civil War II come crashing down around him.  Plus, what exactly is Doctor Doom up to in the time of all-out Civil War?
•Squadron Supreme #10- The Squadron encounters the drama of Civil War II from a unique perspective – where every move they make has been pre-empted by Ulysses… and where Hyperion must fight the Blue Marvel. The Squadron learns that Warrior Woman , bent on conquest and driven by her own Civil War II prediction, has but one goal – the resurrection of Namor, the Sub-Mariner.  Will the Squadron help her or stop her, and at what cost to their membership?  And how will Ulysses’ visions and the events of Civil War II further affect the team?  The start of the new explosive story arc “Finding Namor” starts here!

Now the Spotlight of the Week!

The bestselling team of Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips launch their new monthly series: Kill or Be Killed, the twisted story of a young man who is forced to kill bad people, and how he struggles to keep his secret as it slowly ruins his life and the lives of his friends and loved ones.  Both a thriller and a deconstruction of vigilantism, Kill or Be Killed #1 from Image Comics is unlike anything Brubaker & Phillips have ever done!

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Turn up the air and grab a chair! It’s the Monday Update for Wednesday 7/27/2016!

ROM Vol 2 #1This is the Monday Update!

“Beyond Burnside” starts in DC’s Batgirl #1!  The Batgirl you know and love is going global with Eisner Award-winning and New York Times best-selling writer Hope Larson and all-star artist Rafael Albuquerque.  In order to up her game, Babs travels to Japan on a quest to train with the most elite modern combat masters of the East ,but when a chance meeting with an old friend puts a target on her back, Batgirl may need to use her new skills to solve a deadly mystery.
When a shocking encounter with Batman solidifies the Red Hood’s status as a villain, Jason Todd goes deep undercover to take down Gotham City’s criminal underworld from the inside.  Along the way, Jason meets two unlikely allies: a disgraced Amazon warrior named Artemis and a half-baked Superman clone called Bizarro, and the DCU’s “Dark Trinity” is born in Red Hood and the Outlaws Rebirth #1!
“Remember the Titans” Chapter One begins in Titans #1!  After an old ally returns to the team, the Titans set their sights on a dangerous enemy with the power to change reality !  The Titans have never faced a threat this massive before, and with so much on the line, will they be able to stand united as a team?  Or will their past mistakes be their undoing?
With no backup and only his ring and battery to keep him alive, Hal Jordan streaks toward battle with the Sinestro Corps, while his greatest foe prepares to wipe the last Green Lantern out of existence!  Sinestro’s Law takes effect in Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #1!
Batman taught Nightwing everything he knows, but what if everything he taught him is wrong?  When Dick is stuck with a new mentor who challenges everything Batman taught him, Nightwing has to shatter his concept of justice in order to fight for what he knows is right.  Join Writer Tim Seeley  and  rising talent Javier Fernandez for the launch of Nightwing #1!

In the aftermath of an alien invasion, a prototype military robot is rushed into the field before it is combat-ready.  Now attached to a group of survivors, it studies them to learn what it means to be human.  Will it come to understand man as a noble creature worth preserving or that the human race isn’t worth saving at all?  Here comes Mechanism #1 from Image Comics!

IDW presents the X-Files Annual #1!  Mulder uncovers rumors that the Jade Helm 15 exercises were a smokescreen for a shadow-government group to rendezvous with aliens.  Mulder and Scully follow the trail to Mesa Verde in southern Colorado, where they meet skeptical natives and a man who believes he’s an alien, on their way to finding the truth.

The Marvel Universe has been spinning out of control and this week is no different!  Here’s the Civil War II Breakdown:

•Civil War II #4- Sides are harshly divided as the Marvel Universe’s trial of the century reaches its shocking verdict!  Now, the abstract issues are very real for the heroes of the Marvel Universe and battle lines must be drawn.  Captain Marvel or Iron Man, who will each hero stand behind?

•Captain Marvel #7-  Captain Marvel’s determination reaches new heights as her rift with Iron Man gets deeper.  It’s a fight for the future as Carol and the Alpha Flight recruit more to their cause.  Will forces outside of Captain Marvel destroy everything she’s trying to protect?  Ruth and Chris Gage, the talented writing duo from Marvel’s Daredevil on Netflix, bring you a Captain Marvel Civil War story you will never forget!

•New Avengers #12- All-action issue!  Will the New Revengers take down A.I.M. – or will S.H.I.E.L.D. get there first?  Will anyone be left to stop W.H.I.S.P.E.R. before it’s too late?  Featuring White Tiger vs. White Tiger – the rematch!  More twists and turns than a plate of spaghetti!

•Totally Awesome Hulk #9- Amadeus Cho has lost someone very close to him.  Now he’s mad. VERY MAD.  No one likes him when he’s mad.  Introducing new series artist, the critically acclaimed Mike Del Mundo!

•Ms. Marvel #9- As war intensifies, tragedy strikes too close to home for Ms. Marvel.  Growing pains become all too real and Ms. Marvel must choose between her heroes and her home.  Don’t miss one of the most important Civil War tie-in stories!

•Civil War II Choosing Sides #3- The trial of the century!  Even with the eyes of the Marvel Universe upon them, neither side is backing down.  This issue features Nick Fury, The Punisher and Kate Bishop!

Now the Spotlight of the Week!

We’ve been invaded and only a Space Knight can save us!  First there was his epic return in this year’s ROM FCBD #0, and now the ongoing tale of ROM begins in earnest!  Christos Gage, Chris Ryall, and David Messina kick off the wildest new series of the year as Rom’s war with the Dire Wraiths hits close to home in “Earthfall, part 1!”  The long-beloved and even longer absent space hero returns at long last in ROM #1 from IDW!

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