Let’s Spring Ahead to the Monday Update for 3/25/15 !

WEIRD NJ #44Spring is here!

Which means we’re getting closer to some big events!

(Including Free Comic Book Day on Saturday, May 2!) Until then we’re gonna be seeing some titles slowly dropping off. Whether or not it’s permanent ,we are here to keep you updated! Hence we give you the Monday Update!

Starting off with DC , we see the end of a great Bat story with Arkham manor #6!
Batman discovers who’s been murdering the inmates of Arkham Manor.  how will he be able to bring him to justice if he’s trapped inside with them?
The penultimate chapter of the greatest adventure in DC’s history is here!
The acclaimed Final Crisis team of Grant Morrison and Doug Mahnke reunite for a story so big it could only take place in the real world – that’s right, Earth-33 is back! You  can’t miss out on chapter eight of the Multiversity storyline with Multiversity Ultra Comics #1!
Also check out Deathstroke #6! If you think Slade Wilson is bad, wait till you see his father!

Showtime! Synergy! Meet Jerrica Benton, a girl with a secret. She and her sister Kimber team with two friends to become… JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS! But what does it mean to be Jem today? Fashion, art, action, and style collide in the most outrageous comic of 2015! So relive the 80’s with Jem and the Holograms #1!
Speaking of the 80’s, are you ready for  Miami Vice Remix #1? a fresh reimagining of your favorite characters from the hit TV series!

Wytches #5 drops in with the first half of the opening arc’s two-part finale! Charlie descends into the wytches’ burrow itself to save his daughter from an unspeakable death, but what horrors await him deep beneath the earth? And what secrets…?

Marvel gives us three, yes three, chapters of Black Vortex this week with Nova #28,
Legendary Star Lord #10, and Guardians of the Galaxy #25! These are not tie-ins! These are the actual chapters of the story so don’t miss out on this great crossover!
If you missed the very popular, very sold-out Silk #1 do not fear because the second printing will be here!
Some great titles ending this week include Thanos vs. Hulk, Nightcrawler, and Elektra, so don’t miss out on some epic conclusions!

And now the Spotlight of the Week!

The spotlight this week doesn’t go to a comic but to the new issue of Weird NJ Magazine! Weird NJ #44 is in with all its creepy goodness! If you’re unfamiliar with the magazine, it’s about all the unusual stuff that goes on in our great state! This issue has an awesome cover photo and story of one of the coolest abandoned places in NJ, Gingerbread Castle! So pick up the latest issue and see what our weird state has to offer!

Of course there is much more coming out this week so check the Diamond Shipping List Widget below for all things real and imagined! Be careful though cause something’s may not be shipping just yet so check with us first for availability! All other things that exist will be here this Wednesday, March 25th!

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The only way to start your Monday is with the Monday Update for 3/18/2015!

Red One #1You know what time it is! So grab a pen and paper to take some notes because there is a whole bunch of new stuff coming out! New titles, your favorite books, and a bunch of crossovers which you shouldn’t be missing! Here’s the Monday update!

The Batman Endgame story line has a tie-in coming in the form of Batgirl-Endgame #1! There’s a mob of Jokerized madmen in Gotham City, and they’re determined to spread the virus into the world beyond but they’re gonna have to get past Batgirl first! And speaking of Batgirl, we also see Batgirl #40 as well!
The very late Superman #39 decides to grace us with his presence! This emotional story reveals a rarely seen side of The Man of Steel as an ordinary person after the results of his new power! Superman is also gonna be seeing double because Batman/Superman #20 comes in!
Comics’ top talents, including some making their Vertigo debut, take on the classic DC Comics anthology title Strange Sports Stories,  for four issues of strange, scary, sexy and sensational sports stories.

Frankenstein Underground #1, a new book by Mike Mignola!
The Frankenstein creature is alone, abandoned, and wandering underground, where he will discover other strange creatures-and dark secrets to the universe. Other new number 1’s to look out for include Fly Outbreak #1, Shaper #1, and Invisible Republic #1! So if you need to start a new series you’re in luck!

From Mark Millar and Sean Murphy comes a bromance for the ages! Corbin Quinn and Danny Reilly are two buddies who love to have fun. They’re also scientific geniuses. When their research leads them to a time-traveling adventure, will they use their knowledge for the good of all mankind? Or use the space-time continuum for their own ends? This is the story of man’s first, televised steps through the time-stream and everything going wrong in the process. This is Chrononauts #1!

Marvel brings us not one but two chapters of Black Vortex this week! All New X-Men #39 comes in as Chapter 5! The next arrives in Guardians Team-Up #3. When the Black Vortex strikes at the heart of the Kree Empire, Ronan the Accuser must join the battle with the Guardians but will Ronan make the ultimate betrayal to save his Kree brothers?
Time is running out in a different way this week. In Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #3 the only way for her to stop Galactus is to get to the moon… you know, somehow? See the unveiling of Squirrel Girl’s new Flying Squirrel Suit that she maaaaybe borrowed from Iron Man. Also, the final face-off with Galactus is, you guessed it, ON THE MOON.
Don’t forget to pick up the next chapters of some of Marvels new leading ladies with Silk #2 and everyone’s favorite Princess without a Planet in Princess Leia #2!

Now the Spotlight of the Week!

What happens when America’s greatest hero…is a Russian Spy? Soviet Agent Vera Yelnikov is sent to 1977 Los Angeles by the Kremlin to become an American Superhero and spread communist values in the land of Uncle Sam! In a funky superhero romp straight out of a Tarantino film we get Red One #1, from image!

There’s much more than that coming out this week so be sure to check out the INCOMPLETE Diamond Shipping List WidgET below FOR A list of great things arriving (except some of the image list for some reason).  Everything else that is available will be here this Wednesday, March 18th!

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Duck season! Wabbit season! The Monday update for 3/11/15!

Howard The Duck #1Howard you feel about a duck in this update? Would you be  intrigued? Before we get there lets talk about some other things we’ll be seeing this week!

Now Batman Eternal is never really a highlighted book because it’s weekly but it’s coming up on its’ last couple of issues and big things are happening! The epic Bat-story over a year in the making comes to a stunning end in the next 3 issues! Gotham City is in flames! Villains are running wild in the streets! Bat-tech has been corrupted! And the mastermind behind it all has put a knife in Batman’s ribs! How will the Dark Knight put an end to this nightmare…and how will it shape the face of Gotham City ? Ending at #52, we get Batman Eternal #49 in this week so try and catch up if you’ve been slacking on this story!

In a Batman Endgame tie-in, the city is overrun by Jokerized victims, and a small band of teenagers unites to take a stand. Their secret knowledge of Gotham City’s streets helps them survive in Detective Comics-Endgame #1!
“The Infinitus Saga” reaches its stunning conclusion! The combined might of the JLU, the Legion of Super-Heroes, the Rannian War Fleet and the Thanagarians learn the true meaning of sacrifice as events unfold that will change the DC Universe forever in Justice League United #10!

Image brings us a book inspired by classic mysteries and weird fiction. Southern Cross #1 is a crucible of creeping anxiety and fear as Braith struggles with the ghosts of her past on board a ship that holds secrets best kept buried. Now speaking of ghosts, the return of Al Simmons and the start of a brand new era for Spawn starts in Spawn Resurrection #1!

What does Marvel have in store for us? The attack on Cymoon-1 comes crashing to an end! Will the Rebels overcome Vader to strike another blow against the Empire?  Is Luke ready to be the Jedi Ben wanted him to be? Star Wars #3 is where all the action’s at!

WHO IS THOR?! Seriously. That’s the question on everyone’s lips. Most especially Prince Odinson of Asgard. In this issue he starts to narrow down the list of suspects. Will he figure it out? Thor #6 may have some answers!

Spider-Verse is over, but that doesn’t mean Peter Parker is safe. Someone (or something) has invaded Parker Industries and is targeting its’ staff! But how? The next chapter for the Web-head continues in Amazing Spider-Man #16! Also coming in is the missing issue, All New X-Men #37!

Now the Spotlight of the Week!

Hot off the pages of the … the post-credits scene at the … the end of a … popular movie … Howard the Duck is back! Join him as he takes on the weird cases that only a talking duck can crack as the Marvel Universe’s resident private investigator! Howard will guide you through his world as he takes on the Black Cat and Mysterious forces from outer space! Give us one reason why you shouldn’t pick up Howard the Duck #1?!

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What do we have here? The Monday Update for 3/4/2015!

Princess Leia #1Yeah it’s March already ! Of course we have tons of new stuff coming this week like the new issue of Lady Killer and the final issue of Swamp Thing so without further ado here is the Monday Update!

Harley Quinn was certain she could have it all. She could be the world’s best landlord, protect Coney Island from the scum of the Earth, woo Mason Macabre, work her day job as a psychiatrist, volunteer at the puppy shelter, but that’s a whole lot of spinning plates, and eventually they’re bound to start breaking! What happens when a psychopath cracks up? Is it possible for Harley to go even more insane?! Only Harley Quinn #15 will let us know! DC also gives us Lobo #6 where Lobo squares off with the last assassins attacking Earth! Detective Comics #40 comes in as well! Now Anarky rules but can Batman save Gotham City from itself?

Now of course Image throws us another new book! One young robot’s struggle to stay alive in a universe where all androids have been outlawed and bounty hunters lurk on every planet. A rip-roaring and heart-felt cosmic odyssey that pits humanity against machine, and world against world, to create a sprawling space opera from the creators of Trillium, Sweet Tooth, and Little Gotham, we get an extra-sized first issue with 30 story pages for only $2.99! You have to pick up Descender #1!

On a former U.S. moonbase, kept secret since the Cold War, a terrible key unlocks an ancient box and a last-ditch plan is drafted to save humanity from the doomsday asteroid Xibalba. but is it already too late?
The nightmare intensifies in Morrison & Burnham’s apocalyptic occult horror epic Nameless #2!

Need more from Jeff Lemire? Never fear because Hawkeye returns in an all-new series written by the man himself! With Kate Bishop, his trusted ward and protégé back at his side (not titles she would use), Team Hawkeye is thrown into an all new adventure spanning two generations of avenging archers. Past and present lives collide as Kate and Clint face a threat that will challenge everything they know about what it means to be Hawkeye, but no one puts Hawkeye in a corner! Pick up all the Lemire/Hawkeye goodness in All New Hawkeye #1!

Launching directly out of Guardians of the Galaxy comes the new ongoing series bringing the Guardians to the Marvel Universe’s grandest stage for an opening arc of out of this world adventures with some of the biggest hitters Marvel has to offer. Kicking off with a cosmic threat so massive, it’ll take more than just the Guardians of the Galaxy to stop it!  side by side with the mighty Avengers, two titanic teams unite like you’ve never seen them before! Check out this one of a kind action in Guardians Team Up #1!

And now the Spotlight of the Week!

When Princess Leia Organa was captured by the Empire as a Rebel spy, she never betrayed her convictions, even in the face of the complete destruction of her home world, Alderaan. When her rescue came, she grabbed a blaster and joined the fight, escaping back to the Rebel Alliance and helping strike the biggest blow against the Empire with the destruction of the Death Star. In the aftermath of that victory one question remains… What is a princess without a world? Writer Mark Waid and artist Terry Dodson bring us a story of Leia’s quest to help her people and find her place in the galaxy.  Princess Leia #1!

Now that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Check out the Diamond shipping list widget below for a full list of things coming out! Be careful though because there may be some things on that list that may not be coming out just yet! All other things that are available will be here this Wednesday, March 4!

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Look out! Its the Monday Update for 2/25/2015!

Spider-Gwen #1What’s better than a ton of books coming out every Wednesday? clearly Tons and tons more ! 

DC throws  some great Bat-books at us this week! The insanity of Arkham Manor floods the streets of Gotham City in Arkham Manor #5! Also “Endgame” part 5 is coming in and The Joker is back! The penultimate issue of the Clown Prince of Crime’s horrifying return! Plus, in the backup story, the inmates and Mahreen finally learn the truth about The Joker in Batman #39!

DC’s Vertigo imprint gives us a new book this week! In the post-apocalyptic city of New Angeles, killing isn’t just a crime, it’s entertainment. New Angeles is thriving once more thanks to the blood sport known as Suiciders, a TV series that combines the spectacle of hand-to-hand combat with elaborate, high-tech obstacles that test each competitor’s ability to survive, but these competitors have an edge. They’ve been freakishly enhanced by drugs and technology. Do you need a dark, post-apocalyptic epic that tells the story of a strange, brutal world? Pick up Suiciders #1!

IDW throws us a TV spin off this week and an awesome one at that! Sarah’s life was changed dramatically after witnessing the suicide of a woman who looked just like her. Sarah learned that, not only were she and the woman clones, but there were others just like them, and dangerous factions at work set on capturing them all. Now, the mysterious world of Orphan Black widens, with new layers of the conspiracy being peeled back in this miniseries by co-creator John Fawcett! So if you love the show or just love clones,  pick up Orphan Black #1!

what if robots conquered earth, wiping out all life in the galaxy, but nothing changed? Meet D4VE, the greatest robot war hero, now trapped behind a desk at a soul-sucking day job. Can something, somewhere, snap him out of this slump? This is D4VE’s mid-life crisis. This is D4VE #1!

Image gives us ODY-C #3 this week where O and her crew encounter the Cyclops! Low #6 comes in concluding the first arc of the seminal sci-fi epic!

Three gangs. Five girls. No way out. Machete Betty leads a small gang of women under the selfappointed task of protecting their home of Old Beach, one of three boroughs surrounding a rich metropolitan city. When Betty takes the life of a rival gang member in an act of self-defense, she sets off a chain reaction of retaliation, gang warfare, and unlikely allies. It’s up to Machete Betty, Derby Girl, Bloody Mary, Daisy Chain, and Violet Volt to defend their turf at all costs. Check out Curb Stomp #1 From BOOM!

Marvel brings us the 4th chapter of the Black Vortex! With some of their members captured by the villainous Mr. Knife, the team must decipher the secrets of the Black Vortex and quickly! But with the galaxy in chaos they don’t have too many options open to them. Maybe there’s an old war-buddy Peter can call to help them out? Pick up the next chapter in All New X-Men #38! (Don’t be worried because it seems like they skipped #37…for now.)

See the fallout of Spider-Verse and what it means to Peter Parker and the rest of the Spiders! The Spider-Verse Epilogue comes to us in Amazing Spider-Man #15!
If you have been on this “Star Wars comics are back with Marvel craze” and need your fix, never fear because Darth Vader #2 will be here! Taking place after Episode 4 A New Hope, these stories are something you don’t wanna miss!

Now the Spotlight of the Week!

The breakout hit of the biggest Spider-Event of the century is taking comic shops by storm with her own new ongoing series, Spider-Gwen #1. Gwen Stacy is a Spider-Woman, but you knew that already. What you don’t know is what friends and foes are waiting for her in the aftermath of Spider-Verse! From the fan-favorite creative team that brought you Spider-Gwen’s origin story in Edge of Spider-Verse #2, Jason Latour and Robbie Rodriguez give us this new series which is bound to be a crazy ride!

Of course there’s tons more coming out this week so check out the Diamond Shipping List Widget below.  Be careful though, because some things may not exist so check with us first for availability. Everything else will be here this Wednesday February 25th!

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