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Monday Update: What’s New for 9/17/14

Avengers #35We’ve reached the halfway mark on September, and boy has it been a busy month! Marvel is setting the stage for 3 major events, DC is hitting us with 3D comics from the future, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg lettuce. (That’s the saying, right?) This week sees the return of Thor, more multiversity, the latest from the Super Secret Crisis War, Pokemon mini figures, and much, much more. Here’s the Monday Update.

The spotlight this week goes to Avengers #35, and the setup for one of their next big events: Time Runs Out. There have been a whole bunch of incursions from alternate parallel dimensions lately. The only way to stop the total destruction of both our world and whatever parallel Earth happens to be crashing into it is to destroy the other Earth. The Illuminati, which includes Reed Richards, NAmor, Iron Man, and Beast, to name a few, have been doing this fairly awful task in secret in order to keep the world safe, but the cost is pretty darn high. Soon, that secret is going to get out, and the fact that some of the biggest players in the Marvel Universe have been willingly destroying worlds on a regular basis is going to have some consequences. That’s what Time Runs Out is about and this week starts the story up proper. It’s certainly going to be a heavily discussed event, so don’t miss out!

As mentioned earlier, Time Runs out is only one of three major Marvel events on the horizon. This week, we’ll be seeing not one but two Edge of Spider-Verse tie-ins in the form of Superior Spider-Man #33 and Edge of Spider-Verse #2. Next, March to Axis continues in Uncanny Avengers #24. Havok and co. face off against the S-Men, and it does’t look like it’s going too well. Finally, Original Sin may be over, but the side stories still have some life left in them! Original Sin #5.5 is coming this week, and we’ll finally discover the fate of the tenth realm! Will Thor find out the identity of his long lost sister? Who’s side is Loki really on? So many questions!

DC’s Futures End month continues this week with 11 titles. Don’t worry, we’ll have complete sets available in the store, as well as friendly staff at the ready to help you find any 3d books you may have missed. It’s not all about Futures End though, because Grant Morrison’s completely insane Multiversity is back with Multiversity: Society of Super-Heroes #1. It’s Earth 20 versus the diabolical Earth 40 in a fight to… well we’re not entirely sure really. It’s Multiversity. It’s bizarre, it’s unique, and it’s pure Grant Morrison. Don’t miss it!

Meanwhile, there’s a very nice looking Danger Room Sessions Juggernaut statue on the way, Super Secret Crisis War: Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends #1 continues IDW’s winning streak for longest comic book title of the week, and the conclusion to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time arrives. Plus, the Deadpool Bi-Annual will be here, Thor: God of Thunder makes its first appearance since the beginning of July, and there’s some totally awesome Pokemon X & Y mini figures dropping by!

there’s more, too! Check out the bottom of this very post to have a look at the complete diamond shipping list. It’s stuffed to the gills with all the good stuff we’ll be getting this week. However, due to powers beyond our control, some of these things may not actually be arriving, so be sure to check with us first for availability. As always, everything you see here will not be available until Wednesday, September 17th.

What will you be reading this week? Can Elektra take down the Assassin’s guild all by herself in Elektra #6? Will Quantum, Woody, Archer & Armstrong find the lost treasure of the hobo king in Delinquents #2? Is there a mutant in the Marvel universe with the ability to weaponize bubbles? Let us know on our Facebook page.

See you at the store, and here’s the list.

Monday Update: What’s New for 9/10/14

Edge of Spider-Verse #1Welcome back, everyone! Last week was quite the behemoth, and this week isn’t slowing things down one bit. Marvel’s next arachnid flavored event begins, DC has more fancy 3D Futures End books, Death of Wolverine continues, Dawn and Vampirella team up, there’s a new Supergirl action figure on the way, and much, much more. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the view. It’s time for the Monday update.

The spotlight this week goes to Edge of Spider-Verse #1. Fresh off of the conclusion to Original Sin, Marvel is ready to jump head first into another major event! This time, it features every spider-man ever. Someone is traveling through the multiverse, killing every incarnation of Spider-Man ever. Some of the Spider-Mans have discovered this plan (namely the Superior Spider-Man, in Superior Spider-Man #32, available now!!!) and have decided to band together to put a stop to it. Whoever is out to erase spidey from all existence is in for some trouble. In the first proper issue of the event, Spider-Man noir joins the battle. See how it all plays out, starting this week!

Marvel has even more up their sleeves as well. First, do you like Hyperion? Of course you do, and Avengers #34.1 is chock full of the guy. It’s got everything from a deranged cop killer, to a kidnapped child, and even fancy yellow capes. Next, Wolverine’s still not dead yet in Death of Wolverine #2. Things aren’t looking too good for our favorite short, hairy, Canadian super hero not named Puck. In fact, he’s probably going to die soon! Just a guess. Finally, have you read Ms. Marvel yet? It’s adorable, and it’s about to get even more so. Lockjaw, the royal pooch of the Inhumans, has come to keep an eye on Kamala, and hilarity is bound to ensue. This has been consistently one of Marvel’s hottest books. Find out what all the fuss is about, and jump in with Ms. Marvel #8!

It’s week 2 of Futures End month at DC, and that means there’s going to be another group of 3D lenticular covers on our wall! Ask a friendly store associate for assistance, and we’ll be glad to help you find them all. Say, did you know we’re selling complete sets of the 3D covers each week for a special price? Well, we are! In non-futures end related news, Superman Unchained #8 is here! This book sure does take its jolly old time making its way to shelves, but when it does, it’s usually worth it. Who exactly is Wraith, besides someone who’s just as strong as Superman but seemingly devoted to the US military? Answers relating to his past will start showing up this week, as well as some very pretty Jim Lee art.

Meanwhile. a pair of cult favorites team up in Dawn/Vampirella #1, there’s a new 52 Sueprgirl figure on the way, and Prometheus: Fire & Stone #1 arrives to answer some of your questions from Prometheus. Plus, there’s a fancy Captain Carrot showcase on the way, the next chapter of George Romero’s zombie epic begins in Empire of the Dead: Act Two #1, Jonathan Maberry’s Rot & Ruin #1 arrives, and Copperhead from Image Comics rears its head.

Still want more? Well, take a gander at the bottom of this post for the Complete diamond Shipping List. There, you’ll see a hefty list of all the great things coming to our store this wednesday. However, it’s always best to error on the side of caution, as some of these items may not actually appear on our shelves for a multitude of reasons. Be sure to check with us first for availability. As always, everything you see here will not be available until Wednesday, September 10th.

What will you be reading this week? Will the Doctor uncover the secrets of Rokhandi in Doctor Who: The 11th Doctor #2? Will Chastity survive the wrath of her little brother in Chastity #3? If the moon was actually made of cheese, wouldn’t it have gone bad by now, or would it be kept eternally fresh by the vacuum of space? Let us know on our Facebook page.

See you at the store, and here’s the list.

Monday Update: What’s New for 9/3/14

Swamp_Thing_Vol_5_Futures_End-1_Cover-1September is upon us! Summer is nearly behind us, and some serious comics are about to hit us from all angles. That’s right, weeks don’t come much bigger than this. Death of Wolverine officially begins, DC’s Futures End month kicks off, Original Sin concludes, a new Dark Tower series starts, Grendel and The Shadow meet, and much, much more. Let’s jump right in, shall we? Here’s the Monday Update.

The spotlight this week goes to the official kick-off of DC’s Futures End month. Each week in September, DC will be releasing 3D Lenticular Futures End tie-ins. In case you haven’t been keeping up, Futures End is a weekly DC title that takes place 5 years in the future, where Brother Eye has essentially taken over the world. While the main book takes a broad look at the DCU as a whole in relation to these events, the special Futures End one shots will focus on specific characters. Plus, we’ll be offering special sets of all the 3D covers all month long, so get them while they’re hot! Don’t miss this time-sprawling event.

Over on the Marvel side of things, this week officially marks the beginning of the “Death of Wolverine” story arc. Yes, Marvel is killing off (arguably) it’s most popular, and it’s not going to be quick. There are several miniseries planed that will focus on the loss of Logan, and it all starts this wednesday in Death of Wolverine #1. Next, it’s the grand finale of Original sin! Who really killed the Watcher? What will be their ultimate fate? What new secrets will be revealed? Where did the Watcher get his robes from? Many of these questions will be answered in Original Sin #8. Finally, speaking of major Marvel Events, the “March to Axis” continues in Captain America #24. The Red Skull has been up to all sorts of crazy stuff since he got his hands of ol’ Charles Xavier’s brain. What is his master plan? Don’t miss this set up for Marvel’s next big crossover event: Axis!

Meanwhile, There’s a new Dark Tower series starting this week called Dark Tower: Drawing of the Three Prisoner #1, some DC Total Heroes figures are coming in, and the Forever Evil hardcover finally arrives. Plus, two comic icons collide in Grendel vs. The Shadow #1, two other comic icons collide in Hawkeye vs. Deadpool #0, some more Star Wars Black Series figures are on the way, and there’s a Walking Dead hoodie coming in to keep you warm this winter.

There’s even more though, and you can see it all at the bottom of this post! Yes, the complete diamond shipping list is just a few paragraphs below, and it is filled to the brim with good stuff that’s heading to our very store this week! Be careful though, sometimes a few things on this list might not actually show up in the store, so be sure to check with us first for availability. As always, everything you see here will not be available until Wednesday, September 3rd.

What will you be reading this week? Can a trip to the Mediterranean prevent Lady Umbra’s mind control in Vampirella #4? Will there be a plethora of tentacles in Squidder #3? (Hint: Probably) If you put scotch tape on a stick of butter, does that make it butterscotch tape? Let us know on our Facebook page.

See you at the store, and here’s the list.

Monday Update: What’s New for 8/27/14

Wolverine #12Hello again, and welcome to the Monday Update for the week of August 27th, 2014! We have quite a week coming up for you, with great new stuff from every direction. Wolverine gets one step closer to death, Batman/Superman makes its long awaited return, Marvel brings us more Original Sin, new Scribblenauts figures arrive, and it’s Previews week! Here’s the Monday Update.

the spotlight this week goes to Wolverine #12. In case you hadn’t heard, Wolverine is going to die. There’s been quite a buildup to the “Death of Wolverine” story arc, and this week’s Wolverine is the finale of “3 Months to Die”. Sabertooth has been messing with Logan pretty hard for a while now, and he’s finally done playing. It’s going to be a real game changer. How will Logan meet his end? The beginning of the end starts this Wednesday.

In other Marvel news, there’s more going on than just Wolverine’s demise. In fact, we have a trio of Original Sin tie-ins! This week’s titles are Avengers #34, Guardians of the Galaxy #18, and Original Sin #5.4. Next, it seems like Inhuman has finally gotten itself on a regular schedule because Inhuman #4 is on the way! Thor pays a visit to New Attilan, but why? And who is this mysterious Reader character? Finally, with the threat of Kang behind them, it’s time for the Uncanny Avengers to deal with the aftermath. It’s been quite a ride for the mutant/superhuman team so far, and as they look to the future, you can bet there will be all sorts of new danger and weirdness on the way. Don’t miss Uncanny Avengers #23.

It’s the last week before DC’s Futures End month. So, before we take a look into the future, let’s spend some time in the here and now. first up, we have the overdue return of Batman/Superman! Following the events of “first contact” Superman has amnesia and is hanging out with Selina Kyle, and Batman has teamed up with Lois Lane to find the missing Man of steel. Find out what happens in Batman/Superman #13. Then, Sinestro and Hal Jordan have been beating the snot out of one another, but things are about to get interesting. The paling cult and Parallax decide to join the fray. Should make for an interesting afternoon! Don’t miss Sinestro #5. Finally, Star Spangled War Stories Featuring GI Zombie #2 is coming out. I couldn’t possibly sum this one up better than the official solicitation, so here you go. Straight from DC: An undercover operation exposes a guided missile terrorist plot – and the only thing in its way is a zombie with an AK-47! See? What more could I have said than that?

Meanwhile, the DC Bombshells star girl statue shows up, Doctor Who: The 10th Doctor #2 arrives hot off the heels of the season premiere, and the Fabrikations Boba Fett will be arriving via plush jetpack (presumably). Plus, Low #2 makes its mark, Series 3 of the blind box Scribblenauts Unmasked arrive, and the new Diamond Previews catalog makes an appearance to show us all the wonderful things we can buy in just a few short months.

There’s still plenty more though. Check out the bottom of this post for a thorough look at all the goodies we’ll have in a few days. Be warned though, this list sometimes contains items that won’t actually be available for purchase, so be sure to check with us first for availability. As always, everything you see here will not be available until Wednesday, August 27th.

What will you be reading this week? Will the heroes escape the traps of the league of extraordinary villains in Super Secret Crisis War #3? Will Wren, Conductor 17 and Ramkin survive this new airborne world in Brass Sun #4? Do modern day pirates still use treasure chests? Let us know on our Facebook page.

See you at the store, and here’s the list.

Monday Update: What’s New for 8/20/14

Little Nemo: Return to Slumberland #1Monday Has returned, and it hasn’t come back empty handed! Yes, it’s time once again for that weekly ritual we engage in where we provide you with a veritable highlight reel of the wonderful new products hitting our shelves this coming wednesday. There’s more Original Sin, Marvel Legends figures, Little Nemo returns to slumberland, Grant Morrison takes a trip into the multiverse, and much much more. Here’s the Monday update.

The spotlight this week may not be the biggest title in the world, but what it lacks in spectacle, it makes up in charm. Little Nemo: Return to Slumberland #1 arrives this Wednesday! King Morpheus’ daughter has chosen her new playmate, and it’s Nemo. The thing is, Nemo isn’t really into it. With his return trip to Slumberland hijacked by the royal family’s whims, how will Nemo find his way back home? Find out in this all new all-ages series! 

DC is just mere weeks away from their Futures End 3D lenticular month of doom. In the meantime, they have plenty of great stuff to keep us all busy. First up, get ready for a trip into crazy town, because Grant Morrison is ready to present us with Multiversity #1. Super hero rabbits, vampires, nazis, president superman, and more crazy stuff than you can shake a stick at will all be present in what is sure to be one of the most talked about titles of the week. Don’t miss it! Next, Robin Rises continues in Batman & Robin #34. Batman’s quest to recover Damian’s body is going to lead to some very uncomfortable confrontations, but why is he facing off with Lex Luthor? Finally, we have the last issue of Trinity of Sin: Pandora. Pandora has her hands full dealing with S.H.A.D.E., but now that she has Andrew Bennet on her tail, who just so happens to be an expert at killing immortals, what will she do?

Marvel has some super cool stuff planned for us this week as well. First up, I hope you like comic that start with the words All New because All New Ghost Rider #6, All New Ultimates #6, and all new x-factor #12 are all on the way! Then, there’s a trio of Original Sin tie-ins coming our way in Daredevil #7, Nova #30, and Original Sins #5. Finally, it’s the finale of Deadpool: Dracula’s Gauntlet! How will Deadpool and his future wife put down the forces of Dracula for good? Find out this Wednesday!

Meanwhile, there’s some Captain America 2 Platinum Legends figures on the way, Delinquents #1 should be here (unless its delinquent behavior gets in the way), a nice looking Marvel Defenders tshirt arrives, and Sensation Comics featuring Wonder Woman #1 finds its way onto our shelves in sensational fashion! Plus, more Spider-Man Infinite Legends figures will be here, Super Secret Crisis War: Billy and Mandy #1 wins the award for longest title of the week, Fade Out #1 from Image will be here, and there’s even some shiny Firefly figures coming in!

But that’s not all. Check out the bottom of this post for a look at the complete diamond shipping list. It’s probably the most accurate look at what other great new things we’ll be seeing in just a few short days, but beware, it’s not always 100% accurate. Be sure to check with us first for availability. As always, everything you see here will not be available until Wednesday, August 20th.

What will you be reading this week? Will Buffy and co. recover from an exorcism gone wrong in Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 10 #6? Can the combined wits of The Shadow, Doc Savage, and The Avenger solve the mystery of a vanishing airline in Justice Inc. #1? What does a no. 3 pencil look like, and why can’t you use one on standardized tests? Let us know on our Facebook page.

See you at the store, and here’s the list.