When is Halloween Not Halloween?!, it’s the Monday Update for Wednesday 10/26/2016!



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This is the Monday Update!

Have you been craving some new DC Rebirth #1’s? Well you’ve come to the right place!

Terry McGinnis is back as Batman, much to the delight of his family and friends in Batman Beyond #1!  Is the original Joker really back as well?  Inspired by the possible return of their role model, the Jokerz have taken over an entire section of Gotham City and are determined to wreak havoc in the still-rebuilding city.  While Batman battles chaos on the streets, his friend Dana is at the mercy of the new leader of the now-unified gang.

Now that Damian has “summoned” the Teen Titans, the tyrannical teen reveals his master plan!  A great evil from Damian’s past is lurking around the corner, ready to strike at the team’s newest leader and destroy the new Teen Titans before they even begin! “Damian Knows Best” begins in Teen Titans #1!

An immense special issue celebrating seventy-five years of the Amazing Amazon, through phenomenal new stories, art, and stand-alone illustrations!  The Wonder Woman 75th Anniversary Special #1 features a roster of incredible creators-some who’ve laid down legendary runs with the character, and some who’ve never drawn her before-including Rafael Albuquerque, Brian Azzarello, Cliff Chiang, Renae De Liz, Brenden Fletcher, Adam Hughes, Karl Kerschl, Gail Simone, and many, many more!

Set in the heart of Los Angeles, this new Vigilante series raises an old question while making it relevant to our times: when you witness bad things being done, how far would you go to set them right?  Written by Gary Phillips, noted writer of the Ivan Monk series of novels, and drawn by Elena Casagrande, this hard-hitting tale of revenge and redemption takes  Vigilante Southland #1 into a whole new danger zone!

Waves of zombies just keep coming, first in the Call of Duty: Zombies games, and now from Dark Horse Comics!  Join Stuhlinger, Misty, Russman, and Marlton as they fight for survival against the undead horde.  The Tranzit crew, last seen in the “Buried” map, are trapped on a deeply unstable and fractured future Earth.  Call of Duty: Zombies #1 delves into these characters’ backstories, providing a crucial piece of the Zombie’s puzzle.  See what happens between the maps as the Tranzit crew fights to escape Maxis’s apocalyptic wasteland.

IDW’s crossover event continues in Revolution #4 with a silent interlude!  One human has the skill to break into Autobot City, but what is Snake Eyes going to do when he finds himself face-to-knee with Optimus Prime?  And outside, Miles Mayhem and the M.A.S.K. team wait to see who walks out alive…

While the battle between Transformers, G.I. JOE, M.A.S.K., and ROM rages across the Earth, the U.K.’s top field agent, Action Man, tracks down the mystery of ORE-13, and finds an unusual metal ally in Action Man Revolution #1!

Sides have been chosen, battles have been fought, but it all comes down to this.  Captain Marvel versus Iron Man over the future of the Marvel Universe!  Civil War II #6 has one of the biggest battles in Marvel Comics history!

Where there’s a Civil War there’s tie-ins!  Here’s the Civil War II Breakdown!

  • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. #10 – THE S.H.I.E.L.D. Civil War Concludes!  Will Coulson return to his team?  Will Jemma Simmons live?  Who is the new Deathlok?  Get your answers here!
  • All New All Different Avengers #15 – In her short time wielding the hammer Mjolnir, Thor has witnessed cosmic chaos, but how does her human half process the consequences of the Iron Man/Captain Marvel struggle and what it does to the Avengers?
  • Captain America Steve Rogers #6 – With the Marvel Universe at war, Steve fights for peace. Guest-starring Captain Marvel!
  • Guardians of the Galaxy #13 – As the Guardians’ internal conflicts reach a boiling point, some outsiders throw more fuel on the fire!  One teammate with deep roots on Earth will struggle to hold onto their galactic connections!  The Guardians may survive Civil War II, but the team will never be the same!
  • New Avengers #17 – Once everything was new…but now – everything is doomed! Roberto Da Costa was shot through the head and A.I.M. is under siege from S.H.I.E.L.D.!
  • Totally Awesome Hulk #11 – With the Black Panther watching his every step, the Hulk takes on a mysterious new arch-enemy, but who is Amadeus really after?
  • Ultimates #12 – As the heroes meet in final battle – is there any saving the Ultimates?  Have they found the one problem they can’t solve?  Meanwhile, in the depths of space, the Lifebringer comes to a decision that will change the team forever – if they survive!

Want to jump on the Doctor Strange bandwagon right before the movie?  Doctor Strange Mystic Apprentice #1 will take you back to the beginning!   A master of delicate surgery, Dr. Stephen Strange had no equal…until a freak accident shattered his hands!  Now a student of the Mystic Arts, Strange must find a way to master his magical assignment…or throw in his cape and robes for good!  Don’t miss this all-new story, as Strange finds that the road to Sorcerer Supreme can be a real pain in the…astral form!  Also: reprinting the original first appearance and origin stories of Doctor Strange from Strange Tales #110 and #115!

If that isn’t enough for you then the new series Doctor Strange Sorcerers Supreme #1 can get you in the mystical mood!  An ancient evil threatens to unravel the fabric of reality, and one Sorcerer Supreme may not be enough.  Doctor Strange must unite past, present and future Sorcerer Supremes to stem the coming darkness – Merlin, the Ancient One, Wiccan, and more!  Strange should watch his back, not all of these Sorcerers have his best interests in mind…

Now the Spotlight of the Week!

Valiant is back with a new miniseries! Bloodshot USA #1 will help pave the future for the Valiant Universe!  Project Rising Spirit’s top-secret contagion has been released onto the streets of America’s greatest metropolis: New York City.  As mayhem engulfs Manhattan, Bloodshot must lead the most dangerous invasion ever waged on American soil and keep a runaway pandemic from toppling armies and governments…and threatening to destroy humanity itself.  The Big Apple turns blood red in pivotal new standalone comics event from New York Times best-selling writer Jeff Lemire and superstar artist Doug Braithwaite!

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Not Just Locker Room Talk, it’s the Monday Update for Wednesday 10/19/2016!

cave-carson-has-a-cybernetic-eye-1This is the Monday Update!

It seems like it’s been a long wait (& it has), but DC finally releases Batman Dark Knight III Master Race#6!  Is Gotham City ready for a new Batgirl?  Is Batman ready to go back into action?  Will the world fall as the Kryptonians takeover?  Frank Miller knows the answers, but is he ready to reveal them?
Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman have uncovered a window into their very souls: and the power of temptation proves to be stronger than any villain they could battle!  The bonds of friendship and trust between the most formidable heroes on the planet will be tested to their breaking point, with the lives of innocents hanging in the balance!  “Better Together” continues in Trinity #2!
“The Phantom Ring” begins in Green Lanterns #9!  Uncover the mystery of the powerful Phantom Ring that forced a Guardian of the Universe to hide away in the deepest recess of space.  Will Simon and Jessica be able to prevent a universe of power-hungry invaders from claiming the new ring for their own?
As Raven settles into her new life in San Francisco, one of her classmates goes missing- Then another.  When Raven begins to investigate, she is shocked to learn that disappearances have been happening all over the city…and now it’s up to her to discover the truth!  Follow the White Carnival in Raven #2!

Star Trek’s 50th Anniversary Celebration continues with this all-new series from IDW! Join the adventures of Captain Kirk and the iconic crew!  New worlds!  New species!  New ships! And a new danger unlike anything the Federation has encountered before!  Following the events of Star Trek Beyond with the debut of brand-new uniforms for the crew!  Beam up into a new era with Star Trek Boldly Go #1!

A new “on the road” adventure comes to Dark Horse!   Spell on Wheels #1 follows the journey of three talented witches —Andy, Claire and Jolene — as they embark on a road trip to retrieve their stolen magical objects.  The three witches must work together to retrieve their possessions, but are they strong enough to defeat the dark magical force behind the thievery?

Marvel takes another villain and puts him in the hero spotlight!  There is a new Iron Man in town and his name is Victor Von Doom!  The greatest villain of the Marvel Universe will try something new.  Where Tony Stark failed, Doom will succeed.  What is Doom’s Master Plan?  Pick up the Infamous Iron Man #1 to find out!
After the events on Muir Island, Cyclops and Emma Frost put their plans into motion in Death of X #2!  Storm and Medusa come together to find a solution for the deadly effects the Terrigen has on mutants.  One of the clouds heads to Madrid, the site of the first skirmish between mutants and Inhumans.

Let’s not forget about the Civil War II Breakdown!

•A-Force #10- What Nico chooses to do next can save the day but can also make her a murderer – the very thing she’s been running from since Captain Marvel first tried to arrest her.
•Civil War II Kingpin #4- He may be a criminal, but Wilson Fisk is a self-made man.  He’s worked hard to secure his empire.  He built it from the ground up.   Now that Fisk knows one of his men has betrayed him in an attempt to take away his life’s work, he’s prepared to give his all to put an end to the mutiny.   After all, you don’t become the Kingpin of crime without breaking a few rules and a lot of blood, sweat and tears.
•Mockingbird #8- Stranded on a sinking ship adrift in the Bermuda Triangle, Mockingbird must catch a killer intent on using her past to drive her mad…if the sea monsters, pirate zombies and Nazi sailor ghosts don’t get her first.
•Uncanny Inhumans #14 – Iron Man has taken the fight back to New Attilan!  When the War is over, will the Royal Family ever be the same ?

Now the Spotlight of the Week!

Cave Carson has done it all: survived countless adventures below the Earth’s surface, met the love of his life, and gotten a cybernetic eye…somehow.  Newly widowed, Cave tries to piece his life back together when a knock on the door of his secret underground lab pulls him back into a past that he thought he had left buried deep within the Earth.
Adding to his troubles, Cave must determine if his recent hallucinations and visions are the work of his mind or his mysterious cybernetic eye.  Written by Gerard Way and Jon Rivera, and illustrated by Michael Avon Oeming, Cave Carson has a Cybernetic Eye #1 is an absurdist action-adventure story from Young Animal… DC Comics unlike any other!

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Welcome Back my Friends to the show that never ends, it’s the Monday Update for Wednesday 10/12/16!

reborn-1This is the Monday Update!

Supergirl battles Cyborg Superman in the Fortress of Solitude, and there can be only one winner!   Even a temporary victory can spell certain doom for Kara and her new home as her father’s plan at last comes to light!  Meanwhile, the race for Cat Grant’s prized internship heats up, and Kara finds her human competition to be just as challenging in Supergirl #2!
Now on the run from both bounty hunters and cops, Batman and Duke must find a safe place to hide out with Two-Face before they can continue their journey to the cure.  Batman might soon realize his worst nightmare: that Two-Face is right…and nowhere is safe.  “My Own Worst Enemy” continues in All Star Batman #3!
“Who is Superwoman?” asks more questions in Superwoman #3!  Ultra Woman is revealed, and her unstoppable Bizarress army are hunting for Superwoman!  That’s not the only challenge facing the new hero-Steel has made a terrifying new discovery: Superwoman’s powers are killing her, and the only chance to save her life is to leave her powers behind!
The stakes are raised in this nostalgic and unstoppable sequel to the ’80s cult classic vampire film in The Lost Boys #1!  Veteran horror writers Tim Seeley, and Scott Godlewski deliver a gruesome and stylish return to the bloody boardwalks and big hair of 1987!

Eric Powell is back with Chimichanga Sorrow of Worlds Worst Face #1 from Dark Horse!  Wrinkle’s Traveling Circus’s most adorable bearded girl and her savory-named beast are back, and there is a new act in store!  Come one, come all to the Sorrow of the World’s Worst Face!  But beware: those who look behind the curtain are in for an awful treat, and it’s not just his face we’re talkin’ about!

Welcome to The Electric Sublime #1 from IDW -where art history, madness, and expression meet in a Pollock-splatter of thrilling crime adventure!  When a mysterious change in the composition of a famous painting begins poisoning the minds of its spectators, Margot Breslin-director of the Bureau of Artistic Integrity-must pull famed “art detective” Arthur Brut out of a mental institution and back into the insanity that sent him there in the first place.  Featuring a treasure trove of classical works, under-the-radar art, and a seven-foot talking mannequin, this is comics, imitating art, imitating life.

There’s a bunch of new titles starting up with Marvel NOW! that you don’t wanna pass up!   The “One Man War on Terror” will get the job done!  Gerry Duggan’s Solo #1 puts James Bourne on his own right where he belongs!  Deadly alien weapons are making their way into the hands of ordinary thugs, and Solo is going undercover to locate the source.  Things are heating up, and Solo might just wish he had some backup!
Professional basketball player and world renowned celebrity, Morris Sackett, gains extraordinary abilities, at the grave cost of his own mortal body.  Imbued with the ability to jump from person to person like a ghost, he controls the bodies and memories of those he inhabits.  With his own body destroyed, the one-time superstar athlete must rely on others to survive. The saga of the newest Marvel Inhuman begins in Mosaic #1!
“All New, All Different?”  No, thank you!  New things are bad and different things are scary!  Instead, why not join everybody’s least favorite super-hero team, the Great Lakes Avengers in their brand new – but not too brand new – ongoing series, Same Old, Same Old, Great Lakes Avengers!  When the team gets reinstated as permanent members of the Avengers and uprooted to Detroit, the GLA has one more shot at super hero glory…but can they answer the call? Do they even have 4G coverage here? Find out in Great Lakes Avengers #1!

The Jackal is back and has conquered death.  The Amazing Spider-Man is outmatched by his classic enemy’s army.  Does the wall-crawler stand a chance?  Should he stand in The Jackal’s way if he’s found the key to eternal life?  “Dead No More” begins in Clone Conspiracy #1!

You can’t forget about Civil War II!  Here’s the Civil War II Breakdown!

• Power Man and Iron Fist #9 – Luke and Danny tried to stick together, but CIVIL WAR II tore them apart!  How far will Luke go to get his friend back?  It’s everything you want in an event tie-in!  Moral conundrums!  Devastating consequences!  More super-powered sparring than you can count on four fists for hire!

• Civil War II Ulysses #3-  He’s been pushed, he’s been pulled, he’s been scared deathless…history is a nightmare from which he is trying to awake, and Ulysses will have no more of it!  In this prequel to Civil War II, Ulysses and Karnak finally come to blows!

Now the Spotlight of the Week!

Where do you go when you die? Not heaven or hell; somewhere else.  Somewhere you have to fight to survive.  Somewhere the people from the past are waiting for you-the good and the bad.  Mark Millar & Greg Capullo join forces to create the smash hit sci-fi / fantasy story of the year: Reborn #1 from Image Comics! 

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Are you ready Now….?! it’s the Monday Update for Wednesday 10/5/16!

shade-the-changing-girl-1This wednesday is the last shopping day before The New York Comic Con, and One Of The Biggest Shipping weeks OF THE YeAR! Make Sure To Come In Wednesday, as we will be closed for the show Thursday through Sunday !
This is the Monday Update!

There’s a whole bunch of new and interesting DC titles coming your way this week!
He-Man and the Masters of the Universe team up with the ThunderCats!  The epic crossover event you’ve waited thirty years to see!  In his ever-living desire to destroy the mighty ThunderCats, Mumm-Ra quests for a weapon that can rival the legendary Sword of Omens: He-Man’s Sword of Power!  His dimension-spanning scheme kick starts a cataclysmic crisis that will embroil heroes and villains in He-Man ThunderCats #1 – the mind-blowing six-part saga!
Residing on Earth and out of the hero game, Adam Strange finds himself trying to live a “normal” life, until he’s literally pulled back into adventure again when a seemingly normal Zeta beam transmission returns him to the planet Rann, where he hopes to be reunited with his beloved Alanna.  Instead he finds the once-great city of Ranagar in ruins, with millions dead, and the once peaceful Alanna is now calling for the blood of Rann’s oldest enemy, Thanagar, home of the Hawkmen.  Sensing something is amiss, Strange finds an ally in Hawkman, who also is trying anything possible to avert war. Don’t miss the start of the new six-issue miniseries, Death of Hawkman #1!
You wanted it?  You got it-six more issues of Midnighter madness!  Together again after too long apart, Midnighter and Apollo take on subway pirates in Los Angeles and demons in Opal City.  Their reunion is about to take a shocking turn and send them both on an epic journey beyond all belief in Midnighter and Apollo #1!
Trapped inside an old gothic mansion, Deadman must battle the forces of darkness alongside Berenice, a young woman with a complicated love life who is gifted-or cursed-with the ability to communicate with the dead.  Romance, mystery, and evil await in the first issue of the new, bimonthly miniseries, Deadman: Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love!

Is ROM a murderer?!  That’s what Optimus Prime and the Transformers think, and right or wrong, there’s only one outcome: all-out war!  Meanwhile, G.I. JOE turns to the one person who can save the world from ultimate destruction-Miles Mayhem!  IDW’s cross over continues in Revolution #2!
Are you not sure how we got to this point in the Revolution cross over?  Revolution: Road to Revolution Special may catch you up to speed!  Ten years of Transformers and G.I. JOE comics have led to this month’s Revolution!  This bargain-priced bonanza presents five key stories that have paved the road to the universe being born this month!  From the first-ever IDW Transformers comic to the Karen Traviss G.I. JOE, the building blocks of this universe have been growing for years!

Cannibal #1 is a brand new series from Image Comics!  From New York Times bestselling writer Brian Buccellato & Jennifer Young, Cannibal is about the denizens of a small Everglades town desperately trying to hold onto their everyday lives at the dawn of a cannibal pandemic.  With no cure in sight, the region has become split over what to do with the victims, though for Cash and Grady Hansen the answer is simple: Kill them.  All of that changes when the virus begins to infect people they love.
Max Landis (Chronicle, American Ultra, Superman: American Alien) and Giuseppe Camuncoli (Amazing Spider-Man) welcome you to the world of Green Valley… where nothing is ever what it seems.
The knights of Kelodia are the finest in the land, but they’ve never faced a power like the one that resides in the first issue of Green Valley…
Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso are back together again with a new ongoing series!  Set during Prohibition, and deep in the backwoods of Appalachia, Moonshine #1 tells the story of Lou Pirlo, a city-slick “torpedo” sent from New York City to negotiate a deal with the best moonshiner in West Virginia, one Hiram Holt.  What Lou doesn’t figure on is that Holt is just as cunning and ruthless as any NYC crime boss.  Because not only will Holt do anything to protect his illicit booze operation, he’ll stop at nothing to protect a much darker family secret…a bloody, supernatural secret that must never see the light of day… or better still, the light of the full moon.
Our world isn’t free.  All of us, for generations, have lived under the secret control of The Ancient Order of Romulus.  One young woman, raised by them, trained by them, betrayed by them, must push through her fear to take a stand against the silent evil that masters our world.  Her name is Ashlar, and her war begins with the brutal first issue of the new Image series Romulus!

Marvel goes pretty light on the Civil War tie-ins but they do not go easy releasing new titles!  First up is the Civil War II Breakdown!

• Invincible Iron Man #14- A blistering new chapter in the Iron Man mythos.   A young woman answers the call and takes the mantle of Iron Man.  Her surprising relationship to Tony Stark will define the book for years to come.  Meet Riri Williams…she is Iron Man!

•Spider-Man 2099 #16- Caught in the clutches of the malignant CEO of ALCHEMAX, the future looks bleak for Spider-Man and his allies. With S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Public Eye waging all-out war against anyone with super-powers, the heroes have little hope of rescue.  Can Spidey and his friends find a way to escape and set the timeline right?

•Squadron Supreme #12- The final chapter of “Finding Namor”!  The saga continues as the Squadron Supreme try to stop Warrior Woman from resurrecting their sworn enemy, Namor, but nothing has gone to plan.  On his own, Nighthawk hunts the precognitive Inhuman named Ulysses, intent to discover whatever secrets his visions hold.

Marvel NOW! is the aftermath of Civil War and it starts well…now!  Even though Civil War II has been delayed (surprised?) this week is loaded!
Following the fallout of Civil War II, Ms. Marvel, Nova and Spider-Man strike out on their own – joined by Cyclops, Viv Vision and the Totally Awesome Hulk!  Six young heroes determined to change the world – and they’re only the beginning!  Mark Waid and Humberto Ramos bring us Champions #1!
She is back after a decade!  A lot has changed in the Marvel Universe and there are still many secrets hiding in the shadows.  Secrets only a special woman like Jessica Jones can hope to uncover.  Discover the haunting secrets from Jessica’s past in this blistering new series from the original Alias team!  Alias Investigations is open for business in Jessica Jones #1!
From the Award-Winning creator of Dexter’s Laboratory, Samurai Jack and Hotel Transylvania comes Cage #1!  On the mean streets of Harlem, shoes are big, shirts are large, bottoms are belled and crime is rampant!  In the heart of the city, the world’s hardest-working, smack-talking, chain-wearing super hero is on the street and on the case! And his rates are reasonable!  He’s Cage and he’ll save your behind.  Dig it!
What happened eight months ago that set the Inhumans and X-Men on a collision course?  Find out in Death of X #1!  The Inhumans travel to Japan where one of the Terrigen Clouds creates a shocking new Inhuman.  The X-Men travel to Muir Island where the second Terrigen Cloud causes something truly terrible.  When these two events collide, a war of catastrophic proportions explodes!

Now the Spotlight of the Week!

There’s no such thing as a little bit of madness.
Far away on the planet Meta, Loma’s going nowhere fast.  She’s dropped out of school, dumped her boyfriend, and is bored out of her mind.  She longs to feel things.  That’s where her idol, the lunatic poet Rac Shade, and his infamous madness coat come in. Loma steals the garment and makes a break across galaxies to take up residence in a new body: Earth girl Megan Boyer!  Surely everything will be better on this passionate primitive planet with a dash of madness on her side and this human girl’s easy life.  Loma has to survive High School and navigate the consequences of the life she didn’t live with the ever-growing and uncontrollable madness at her side.  Not to mention that there are people back on her homeworld who might just want Shade’s coat back.  DC’s Young Animal imprint presents Shade the Changing Girl #1!

There’s so much more so scroll down to the Diamond Shipping Widget below for an almost complete list!  Some things on that list may not be here just yet so check with us first for availability!  All other things that do exist will be here this Wednesday, October 5th!

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With Long Tails and Ears for Hats, it’s the Monday Update for wednesday 9/28/16!

josie-and-the-pussycats-vol-2-1This is the Monday Update!

Six months have passed since the events of DC’s Batman Beyond #16.  While areas of destruction remain in the outside world, Gotham City has made great strides toward reclaiming its bright future.  New threats arise and old adversaries may be coming back.  The question still remains: whatever happened to Bruce Wayne?  Find out in Batman Beyond Rebirth #1!

Jaime Reyes is back home, but just when he thought he had a grasp on this alter-ego, the Blue Beetle, he discovers everything he believed about his scarab is a lie according to the mysterious Doctor Fate.  With dire warnings about the symbiote that is fused to Reyes’ spine, Kent Nelson, the original wielder of Doctor Fate’s power, seemingly on verge of insanity, has he come to save Jaime as he claims…or will he try to eliminate the Blue Beetle, no matter the cost?  The journey begins in Blue Beetle #1!

The Teen Titans are farther apart than ever before…until Damian Wayne recruits Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy and the new Kid Flash to join him in a fight against his own grandfather, Ra’s al Ghul!  True leadership is more than just calling the shots.  Is Robin really up to the task?  Or will the Teen Titans dismiss this diminutive dictator?  There’s big shoes to fill in Teen Titans Rebirth #1!

A terrible disease nicknamed “frostbite” is literally freezing people from the inside out.  Once you catch it, the effect is instantaneous.  There is no immunity, there is no cure.  Until now. Doctor Henry Bonham and his daughter Victoria have found the key to ending frostbite.  If they can get from Mexico City to a secret government outpost in Alcatraz, they could stabilize life across the globe.  To do that they’ll need to stay alive.  A new miniseries from acclaimed writer Joshua Williamson and artist Jason Shawn Alexander, Frostbite #1 is a science-fiction action miniseries unlike any other.

Dark Horse presents one of the craziest crossovers that you definitely don’t wanna miss!  Raised as brothers but separated by slave traders, Tarzan and his ape brother Caesar reunite when the war between man and ape takes them from the jungles of Africa to the center of the earth.  How can anyone survive on a planet where apes rule?  If anyone can its the Lord of the Jungle!  Tarzan on the Planet of the Apes #1 will keep you on the edge of your seat!

What do you get if you cross a far-right British government with an antibiotic apocalypse and a gruesome murder?  The birth of Surgeon X and her renegade practice.  Extreme times call for extreme medicine.  Sara Kenney, acclaimed documentary, factual drama and animation filmmaker and master artist John Watkiss join forces with Karen Berger, award-winning and Vertigo-founding editor to produce this unique, darkly comic medical thriller, which will horrify and delight in equal measure.  Surgeon X #1 from Image Comics is just what the doctor ordered!

IDW’s big Revolution event is spawning a whole bunch of tie-ins with your favorite teams and heroes!

The origin of M.A.S.K. Is revealed in M.A.S.K. Revolution #1!  Miles Mayhem’s decades long plans are finally coming to fruition, but will the revealed secrets he has hidden from Matt Trakker create a new enemy bent on Mayhem’s undoing?

Also coming in is Micronauts Revolution #1!  Plagued by scavengers, harried by agents of Baron Karza, and guided by the mysterious Time Travelers -the Micronauts make a huge discovery-one that will transform everything they thought they knew about their universe.

We’ve come to expect Marvel to go big on their events, so don’t let this big list of tie-ins scare you!  Here’s the Civil War II Breakdown!

  • Captain America Sam Wilson #13- It’s Captain America vs. U.S.Agent!  No more waiting it’s time to take back the shield!
  • Captain America Steve Rogers #5- As heroes choose sides and tragedy strikes, Steve takes steps to end the war.  Guest-starring the Invincible Iron Man!
  • Captain Marvel #9- Captain Marvel thought she had it figured out-change the future and save lives. But as friendships turn cold, she has to decide how far she’s willing to go.
  • Civil War II Kingpin #3- Wilson Fisk has reason to believe that one of his own men is staging a coup and killing those who won’t surrender their loyalty.
  • Ms. Marvel #11- Ms. Marvel struggles to put her life and Jersey City back together after devastation strikes.
  • New Avengers #16- The A.I.M. vs. S.H.I.E.L.D. vs. W.H.I.S.P.E.R. war screams towards a heart-shredding climax!  It’s a battle to the finish aboard a crashing Air Force One! And no matter who wins, Earth will never be the same!
  • Rocket Raccoon and Groot #10- When Rocket, Groot, and Gwenpool all go after the same bounty in Georgia, the results are unbelievable!
  • Spider-Woman #11- After the recent events in Civil War II, Jessica Drew has no choice but to put on her private investigator gloves and enter the fray.  With a baby at home, Jessica has to tread more carefully than ever.
  • Thunderbolts #5- It’s the Winter Soldier versus Spider-Man and only one of them is going to walk away.
  • Totally Awesome Hulk #10- Still reeling from a blindsiding loss, Amadeus Cho might be in over his head when the one and only Black Panther comes calling.
  • Ultimates #11- The Ultimates are at war with each other!  Can they solve their problems and come together in time to face the real threat…or will Thanos and his new acolyte destroy them all?

Now the Spotlight of the Week!

Grab the latest, surefire, top-of-the-charts new Riverdale series!  In this series kick-off, Josie’s getting the band together to help achieve her dreams of musical stardom.  But for the group to last, it needs a strong foundation of friendship and trust.  Can the girls get going, or will Alexandra’s plotting put a stop to the whole thing?  Don’t miss comics’ supreme songstresses’ return to the limelight in this exciting first issue of Josie and the Pussycats from Archie Comics!

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