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Empire Uprising #1Did you have your coffee yet this morning? Well sit back, relax and get ready for the Monday update!

DC’s Convergence continues this week as it’s destroying worlds and taking names! All these universes are meeting for the first time and it’s getting very intense! This weeks tie-ins deal with characters from the era of Crisis on Infinite Earths and there are some great ones! Be on the look out for Batman and the Outsiders, Swamp Thing, Wonder Woman, and many more! Other non-convergence  titles coming out include Arkham Knight #3 and Batman 66 #22!

Disney’s richest epic hero returns! Uncle Scrooge is here! What kind of mischief can this rich duck get into when he meets a monster-sized Beagle Boy? Where else would you find a story like this one? Answer: Uncle Scrooge #1!
What happens when two former predator drone operators face insurgency and insanity on the Las Vegas Strip in the surreal surroundings of the world’s first terrorism-themed hotel? We’re not really sure but we are so intrigued that we can’t wait to read Drones #1!

Velvet #10 also graces us with its presence after almost 3 months but don’t hold a grudge for making us wait so long!

The Black Vortex ends this week with Black Vortex Omega #1! When an entire planet, and potentially the entire galaxy, is caught in the crosshairs of Knife’s cosmically empowered forces, the Guardians and the X-Men face their final test. With billions of lives at stake, our heroes are forced to make the ultimate sacrifice.
Speaking of ultimate sacrifice, Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #4 runs in …Will she be run down ? the final showdown between Galactus and Squirrel Girl is here!  Alright are you as pumped as we are?
Then let’s keep going with another new Avenger book coming out! There is nothing better than setting the mood for the new Avengers movie than reading some more Avengers stories! What’s even better is that they have to take on Hydra! Also reprinting the original Avengers #16 where Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch join the team, Avengers Operation Hydra #1 is not something to miss!
Don’t forget about more True Believers books! Dollar reprints of classic Marvel stories and this week we get Armor Wars #1 and Infinity Gauntlet #1!

Now the Spotlight of the Week!

It’s been a year since the events of the original Empire, and much has changed for Golgoth, the first super-villain to conquer the world. Can he hold onto his reign-and does he even want to? Don’t miss Mark Waid and Barry Kitsons long awaited sequel to Empire with Empire Uprising #1!

There’s much more than that coming out so check the handy dandy Diamond Shipping list widget below for a better idea but tread lightly cause some things aren’t necessarily gonna be available so check with us first but all other things that exist will be here on Wednesday April 22nd!

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Here it comes! The Monday update for 4/15/2015!
Archie Vs. Predator #1Are you not doing what you’re supposed to be doing and reading this anyway? Good! We’re glad to have you here, and of course we have the job of filling you in on everything new and exciting!

Here is the Monday Update!

Don’t be scared! Seriously,  DC Convergence is not that scary! The Convergence main story continues this week as the DC Multiverse fights for their respective universes! Now as cool as that sounds, what’s even cooler are the Convergence side stories which are about certain characters and the battles that are going on in their own universe. All of these books deal with specific characters in a 2-part story. Like this week we get to see old school bearded hippie Green Arrow, and not just TV Green Arrow, fight for his universe! These books just bring back some old DC nostalgia with a twist!

What if there was a universe with only robots? Well that’s what D4VE is about and issue #3 makes its way to our shelves! The aliens initiate “Phase 2″ as D4VE’s life unravels from a performance review. Desperate to save 34RTH, D4VE tries to assemble his old crew.

Image has a couple of new books this week including Runlovekill #1! Fugitive and assassin Rain Oshiro has just 24 hours to escape a barricaded city while trying to evade a military force determined to either capture or kill her. Also the world’s first time travelers come back with the best bromance you’ll ever see in Chrononauts #2!  The question is – can you go wrong with Image books these days? No. No you can’t. So check out some of their other  titles, including Tithe #1, and Spawn #251, which is bringing Al Simmons back in an all new story arc!

Black Vortex is almost over and this week we get the second to last chapter with Legendary Star-Lord #11!   an entire planet is encapsulated in amber and the Guardians and the X-Men have only a few options left. Who will submit to the Black Vortex?
We also get two more True Believers dollar books -House of M #1 and Old Man Logan #1! They’re  full first issues for only a buck!
Is Tony Stark still being a jerk, Well more than he was before? Yes he is, and who might be the only one to stop him? The Superior Iron Man could end at the hands of… Pepper Potts?! Answers can only be found in Superior Iron Man #7!

Now the Spotlight of the Week!

America’s favorite teen meets the galaxy’s fiercest hunter! Archie and friends hit Costa Rica for Spring Break, where party and  beach games are soon replaced by the Most Dangerous Game! What mysterious attraction does the gang hold for the trophy-collecting Predator, and will the kids even realize they’re in danger before it claims them all? Is there any reason why you shouldn’t be getting Archie Vs. Predator #1? Didn’t think so.

There’s always more where that came from! Check out the Diamond Shipping List Widget below for an almost complete list of items coming out! Be careful cause some things in that list may not actually be real just yet so check with us first! Everything else available will be here this Wednesday, April 15th!

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You’ll have to wait 26 more days for free comic book day, but not for the Monday Update for 4/8/15!

Rebels #1Do you guys get excited when dozens of books come to an end? We sure do because that means there will be 2 dozen more to take their places! Don’t be afraid, cause we will always be here  to guide you through it! This is the Monday Update.

If you missed Convergence #0 last week you’d better pick it up fast because Convergence #1 comes in as DC’s weekly title tears through the Multiverse! In the first issue of this weekly series, Brainiac has collected cities of doomed and forgotten worlds who must battle each other. the losers will be destroyed! But why is he forcing this conflict? There will also be tons of Convergence books with some of your favorite pre-New 52 characters so don’t forget to check those out as well!
We will also have Non-related Convergence books like DC’s popular video game prequels, Mortal Kombat X #5 and Batman Arkham Knight #2!

The book everyone and their grandmother has been asking for comes in with a second printing! If you really wanna read about some crazy life changing events then pick up the reprinted TMNT #44!

Jeff Lemire’s highly approved A.I. Story, Descender, shows up with #2 this week and this is not one to pass up! Jupiter’s Legacy may have taken awhile to finish but they took no time to start a new series! The most celebrated superheroes in mid-century America seem to have it all! Fame, riches, and adoration! But tensions simmer beneath the glossy surface, threatening to crack open the secrets behind their public and private exploits. Before the family dynasty in Jupiter’s Legacy began, there was Jupiter’s Circle #1!

Jeff Lemire gives us more than we could ask for with another great book! All New Hawkeye #2 makes the past and present merge as Hawkeyes (yes multiple Hawkeyes) Barton and Bishop race against time to save a group of innocent kids with devastating powers.

It’s The big finale for  your favorite merc with a mouth  in  Deadpool #250! That’s right-if you add together all the Deadpool series (creatively) issue #45 is the big 250th issue of Deadpool! What better way to celebrate than to end the series? In our over-sized main story, Ultimatum comes at Deadpool for revenge, so he has no choice but to take them on -all of them.

Then, in an Infinity Gauntlet crossover, what would Deadpool do if he got all six infinity gems from Thanos? Plus: a slew of stories showcasing Deadpool’s closest friends and allies by special guest writers! SPOILER: Deadpool dies at the end of the issue.

Miles morales: Ultimate Spider-Man #12 is also the final issue but what does this epic conclusion bring us? Does it tie-in to Secret Wars? You’ll have to read it to find out!
James Patterson’s Worldwide Bestselling Series gets a Marvel makeover! Max Ride First Flight #1 follows the soaring adventures of Max and her Flock as they try to escape their creators and defend themselves from the diabolical Erasers!
Marvels True Believers dollar books continue this week with Civil War #1 and Planet Hulk #1. Great first issues at a great price!

And now the Spotlight of the Week!

In a rush of great public resistance to an oppressive and excessive government, a homegrown militia movement is formed in rural America. This is not 2015, but 1775. With the war for independence playing out across the colonies, young Seth and Mercy Abbott find their new marriage tested at every turn, as the demands of the frontlines and the home front collide. Buy this one for America. Buy Rebels #1!

Of course there is much more coming out this week so check the Diamond Shipping List Widget below for a peek!  Be careful though, cause some things may not exist just yet, so check with us first for availability! All  things that do  exist will be here this Wednesday, April 8th!

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Monday Update : No new comics for April 1st , 2015

Convergence #0Sadly this week there will be no new books.

April Fools! Get it?…… Sorry.

Well it’s Monday and if we still have your  attention, than you know its time for the Monday Update!

We’ve waited all year for the epic finale of batman eternal!  Pick up the final issue to see Batman and all of Gotham City try to survive this Menagerie of massacre! Futures End and Earth 2 Worlds End will be ending as well so don’t skip out  on these great titles!
Need more Batman and can’t wait for the final part of Endgame? Arkham Manor and Gotham Academy have Endgame tie-ins! Read how the inmates of Arkham Manor run the city on its’ craziest night ever and how the students of Gotham Academy handle the night by telling their version of ghost stories with Joker stories!

Image has a second printing of the sold-out Descender #1! So if you missed it the first time make sure not to miss out before they’re gone again! Also Don’t forget to pick up The Dying and The Dead #2! Faced with an impossible task, the Colonel assembles the remnants of his WWII team for one final mission and one last ride into the glorious sunset. This is the most epic journey a man in his 70’s will ever take!

Marvel has a bunch of new titles ! A new Star Wars book based off their hit TV show with Kanan Last Padawan #1!
At a secret Hydra installation hidden away in rural Japan, the Avengers discover a time-portal that sends them on an adventure that spans millennia. So what happens when the bad guys have a time machine? Pick up Avengers Millennium #1 to find out!
Guardians of the Galaxy Best Story #1 is exactly what it says! Peter Quill and Rocket Raccoon are both stuck in jail, so what does Star-Lord do? Distract the guards by telling  them the best story ever! Let’s just hope he keeps their attention long enough for the other Guardians to bust them out!
Need another new Avengers title before Age of Ultron hits theaters? Well pick up Avengers Ultron Forever #1! 500 years into the future, Ultron has won. Humanity is all but extinct, dead or enslaved by the Ultron Singularity.
Think you know Black Bolt? Think again, as the writing team who killed Wolverine show you a side of the Inhuman King you’ve never seen before in Uncanny Inhumans #0!
Also check out reprintings of Marvel classics for only a dollar! True Believers : Age of Apocalypse #1 and True Believers : Marvel Zombies #1! And keep an eye out for more one dollar books coming from marvel soon!

Now the Spotlight of the Week!
The next big DC event is here! Convergence #0 is where you want be! This title will be taking over the DCU for the  next two months! Where do worlds go when they die?
The Earthquakes felt round the Multiverse, Superman’s lost days after “Doomed,” and even the World’s End! All these points will converge as the history of the DCU is spun from a new perspective, the perspective of a mad god and his arrogant child. The biggest story in DC history ties into literally every DC story ever told and it all begins here.
Kingdom Come, Red Son, Wild West Justice League, Captain Carrot and the Zoo Crew? All the worlds you remember (or don’t) are very relevant in this story! Everything matters. Every story matters. Don’t miss the start of DC’s major event with this special issue!

Of course there’s tons more coming out this week so check out the Diamond Shipping List Widget below for an almost full list of things we’re expecting! Be careful though because some things may not be available just yet so check with us first for availability! All the good stuff will be here this Wednesday, April 1st!

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Let’s Spring Ahead to the Monday Update for 3/25/15 !

WEIRD NJ #44Spring is here!

Which means we’re getting closer to some big events!

(Including Free Comic Book Day on Saturday, May 2!) Until then we’re gonna be seeing some titles slowly dropping off. Whether or not it’s permanent ,we are here to keep you updated! Hence we give you the Monday Update!

Starting off with DC , we see the end of a great Bat story with Arkham manor #6!
Batman discovers who’s been murdering the inmates of Arkham Manor.  how will he be able to bring him to justice if he’s trapped inside with them?
The penultimate chapter of the greatest adventure in DC’s history is here!
The acclaimed Final Crisis team of Grant Morrison and Doug Mahnke reunite for a story so big it could only take place in the real world – that’s right, Earth-33 is back! You  can’t miss out on chapter eight of the Multiversity storyline with Multiversity Ultra Comics #1!
Also check out Deathstroke #6! If you think Slade Wilson is bad, wait till you see his father!

Showtime! Synergy! Meet Jerrica Benton, a girl with a secret. She and her sister Kimber team with two friends to become… JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS! But what does it mean to be Jem today? Fashion, art, action, and style collide in the most outrageous comic of 2015! So relive the 80’s with Jem and the Holograms #1!
Speaking of the 80’s, are you ready for  Miami Vice Remix #1? a fresh reimagining of your favorite characters from the hit TV series!

Wytches #5 drops in with the first half of the opening arc’s two-part finale! Charlie descends into the wytches’ burrow itself to save his daughter from an unspeakable death, but what horrors await him deep beneath the earth? And what secrets…?

Marvel gives us three, yes three, chapters of Black Vortex this week with Nova #28,
Legendary Star Lord #10, and Guardians of the Galaxy #25! These are not tie-ins! These are the actual chapters of the story so don’t miss out on this great crossover!
If you missed the very popular, very sold-out Silk #1 do not fear because the second printing will be here!
Some great titles ending this week include Thanos vs. Hulk, Nightcrawler, and Elektra, so don’t miss out on some epic conclusions!

And now the Spotlight of the Week!

The spotlight this week doesn’t go to a comic but to the new issue of Weird NJ Magazine! Weird NJ #44 is in with all its creepy goodness! If you’re unfamiliar with the magazine, it’s about all the unusual stuff that goes on in our great state! This issue has an awesome cover photo and story of one of the coolest abandoned places in NJ, Gingerbread Castle! So pick up the latest issue and see what our weird state has to offer!

Of course there is much more coming out this week so check the Diamond Shipping List Widget below for all things real and imagined! Be careful though cause something’s may not be shipping just yet so check with us first for availability! All other things that exist will be here this Wednesday, March 25th!

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